Baby Girl Shower Invitation Templates

What is a sip n see?

It's exactly what it sounds like: close friends and family come over to sip a beverage and see the new baby. Think of it as a baby welcoming party! A sip and see happens anytime in the first few weeks or months after the birth or adoption of your baby.

Can you have a baby shower and a sip and see?

While baby showers are traditionally for women only, entire families, including men and children may attend a sip and see. Many new parents-to-be sign up for a gift registry for a baby shower.

Who is responsible for throwing a baby shower?

Most baby showers should be hosted by a sister, mother, mother-in-law, or close friend. Baby showers were traditionally thrown by family members who weren't close with the parents-to-be, to avoid the assumption that close family members wanted to collect gifts for themselves.

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What do you say in a baby shower invite?

  • “We're tickled pink to announce there is a girl on the way.”
  • “A precious baby girl is almost here!”
  • “Come help us shower _____ with love.”
  • “A little lady is on the way!”
  • “It's a girl!
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