Baby Shower To Do List Template

Who decides the baby shower theme?

Choosing the Baby Shower Theme

The mom-to-be should choose the shower theme if she wants to. Often, the shower theme will match her chosen nursery theme, but this is not a hard rule. Hostesses should ask the mom-to-be what theme she would like for the shower and follow her wishes.

What's in the nappy game ideas?

Nappy Tasting

All you need to do is get some nappies and number them. Then find poo looking type foods that you can put in the nappy and get the guest to use their sense of smell to work out what is what. Great fillings for the nappies are things like melted chocolate, curry paste, chocolate spread or peanut butter.

How do you play the diaper toss game?

How to play: Ask all your guests to bring a diaper package with them, this way they'll be assigned a number in the raffle, they can get more than one too. At the end of the shower you'll raffle the number and see who wins!

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