Best Process Mapping Software

What is the best process mapping software?

  • Cacoo. A comprehensive charting tool with good groupware functionality.
  • ConceptDraw Diagram. Sophisticated charting tool with great flexibility.
  • Creately. A highly affordable multi-platform solution.
  • Edge Diagrammer.
  • Edraw Max.
  • Gliffy.
  • Lucidchart.
  • SmartDraw.
  • How do I map a process in Excel?

  • STEP 1: Click on Insert > Smart Art > Process > Basic Chevron Process.
  • STEP 2: Enter the processes by clicking on a shape.
  • STEP 3: To enter a new process, you need to click on a shape and select SmartArt Tools > Design > Add Shape (You can also right click on the shape and choose this option)
  • Is Visio free with Microsoft 365?

    Microsoft announced this week that a "lightweight version" of the Visio Web app will be available at no extra cost to Office 365 and Microsoft 365 business subscribers, starting next month.

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    Does Microsoft Office have flow chart template?

    Microsoft Word provides many predefined SmartArt templates that you can use to make a flowchart, including visually appealing basic flowchart templates with pictures.

    How do I create a process tree in Excel?

  • In your Excel workbook, go to Insert > Illustrations > Shapes.
  • Use the shape menu to add shapes and lines to design your decision tree.
  • Double-click the shape to add or edit text.
  • Save your spreadsheet.
  • Is there a free alternative Lucidchart?

    It's free. is an open source diagram creation software — it's available online and is completely free of cost. It's considered as one of the most versatile Lucidchart alternative because it's free and can do quite a bit. Also, when you connect with Google Drive, collaboration is easy.

    What is lucid spark vs Lucidchart?

    Lucidspark is a virtual whiteboard application for freeform ideation, group brainstorming and real-time collaboration across teams. Lucidchart is an intelligent diagramming application for understanding the people, processes and systems that drive business forward.

    What is Lucidspark?

    Lucidspark is a virtual whiteboard that helps you and your team collaborate to bring the best ideas to light.

    Is there a Lucidchart app?

    Visualize on the go

    Lucidchart for Android—coupled with our intuitive web editor—places the power of visualization and collaboration in the palm of your hand. Our free app allows you to: Access all documents and folders on your account. Create new documents and templates.

    Who uses Lucidchart?

    Used by customers such as Google, Amazon, Cisco, and Intel. Receives around 500,000 sign-ups every month.

    Can Visio open Lucidchart files?

    What Visio file extensions does Lucidchart support? Our Visio viewer lets you view and edit any VSDX, VSD, or VDX files directly within your Lucidchart canvas. You can also export your Lucidchart diagrams as VSDX and VDX files.

    Is unlimited? online is a free-to-use web application with no premium paid-for functionality, watermarking, or other limitations. To use with Atlassian Confluence and JIRA, monthly or annual fees apply.

    Can I use for commercial? online will always be free to license, but you can pay for an SLA. 1. Yes, you will always own your diagrams, we don't have access to any of your diagrams, they don't even pass through our servers during save/load, it's direct from browser to Google Drive.

    Is https app diagrams Net Safe? is a unique security-first diagramming tool in that we provide the application platform, but your diagram data only lives in your browser on your local device while you are working on it. Your diagram data is never sent to our servers when you save your diagram.

    Can LibreOffice draw open Visio files?

    LibreOffice Draw can open standard Visio documents, which are in VSD and VSDX formats. These formats cannot be opened by Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, even though Visio is considered to be an Office application. There are several other vector-drawing applications that can directly open and edit Visio documents.

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