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What happens at a virtual bridal shower?

A fun tradition for wedding showers is to have guests fill out cards with well-wishes and advice for the couple. For a virtual shower, have guests send their notes to the host ahead of time. Pending the couple's preferences, the host can read the notes aloud during the shower, or share privately with the couple.

Should I make a new email for wedding?

A wedding planning archive. One of the first things you'll do as a newlywed bride is begin the process of changing your name on all important documents. Most of the time this means a new email too. Your old email will be become obsolete and you could lose all of your wedding related emails after the wedding.

Does Evite go to spam?

No worries! Depending on your email account's settings, our emails may be auto-routing to your junk or spam folders. Chat with someone from your IT department to ensure that our email address ( is not blacklisted on your end.

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