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Is a bridal shower the same as a wedding shower?

A wedding shower is a more modern and inclusive take on the time-honored shower for the bride. Wedding showers are also more appropriate for same-sex marriages where there is no traditional "bride." The bridal shower is traditionally hosted by the maid of honor.

When should the RSVP date be for a bridal shower?

Overall, the best time to send out wedding shower invitations is anywhere between four and eight weeks before the event. That said, the six-week mark is a widely accepted sweet spot, with an RSVP deadline at least two to three weeks before the event.

How do you start a bridal shower?

  • Decide on a bridal shower budget.
  • Set a date for the shower.
  • Create a bridal shower guest list.
  • Pick a location for the shower.
  • Choose a bridal shower theme.
  • Send out the shower invitations.
  • Plan the bridal shower menu and stock the bar.
  • Purchase the bridal shower decor.
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    How do you word a virtual bridal shower?

  • Nicole is getting married!
  • Join us as we enjoy a REMOTE ROSÉ in the bride-to-be's honor.
  • Saturday, May 12th at 4:30pm.
  • Sip, Sip, Syrah!
  • Raise your glass for Lauren's VIRTUAL BRIDAL BASH.
  • 06.19.21 | 7pm EST | Zoom link attached.
  • Please join us as we shower the bride and groom to be.
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