Can I Defer A Job Offer?

How long can you defer a job offer?

Two weeks is standard. Some companies won't require even that. Some will ask for more. If you can accommodate your former employer, you want to make your transition as smooth as possible.

Is it possible to defer a job offer?

Some employers may allow you to defer your offer for a year and start at the next intake. This is a really common issue faced by students and our advice is for you to try and negotiate time to consider the offer. Do handle this diplomatically and reassure the employer you are still interested in their offer.

Is it OK to take time to consider a job offer?

Typically, two to three days provide you with enough time to consider the job offer. If you plan to ask for time, you can request for no more than a week. If you want to negotiate any part of the compensation package, consider a more conservative timeframe.

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