Can You Host Your Own Baby Sprinkle?

Is it OK to throw your own baby sprinkle?

Don't expect someone to throw you a sprinkle.

And don't bring it up to anyone else either — especially not whomever threw your first shower. Leave it to your other close friends or relatives to think of it on their own.

Where can I host baby sprinkles?

  • Home, Where The Heart Is.
  • Mom's Favorite Restaurant.
  • Botanical Garden.
  • Public Park.
  • Community Center or Banquet Hall.
  • Take Her to Church.
  • Theme Park.
  • Can I host a baby shower for myself?

    There are several ways hosting a baby shower can happen: you can specifically ask a close friend, family member (yes, we think the grandmother-to-be can host if she wants to) or a group to host, someone can throw a surprise shower for you or you can host it yourself.

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