Career Change Resume Templates

How do you write a resume if you are changing careers?

  • Use a combination resume format.
  • Include a resume summary or objective.
  • Add a skills section.
  • Showcase certifications/courses.
  • Revise your professional experience.
  • Include projects.
  • What do you put in the skills section of a resume?

    These are the key skills you should include in your resume:

  • Creativity.
  • Interpersonal Skills.
  • Critical Thinking.
  • Problem Solving.
  • Public Speaking.
  • Customer Service Skills.
  • Teamwork Skills.
  • Communication.
  • What career should I start at 40?

    20 Best Jobs if You're Over 40

  • Teacher. Shutterstock.
  • Personal trainer. Shutterstock.
  • Dental assistant. From the hours to the responsibilities, you won't find a more flexible career path anywhere.
  • Translator/Interpreter.
  • Hair stylist.
  • Dietitian.
  • Cybersecurity.
  • Massage therapist.
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    How do you put a hiring manager on your resume?

  • Use LinkedIn to identify and contact the hiring manager. Oftentimes, job descriptions will state the title of the person that the position reports to.
  • Contact the recruiter who posted the job.
  • Get referred by someone at the company.
  • What is a career snapshot?

    A career snapshot highlights your unique professional achievements, qualifications, and value you offer an organization. It speaks to your work history, years of experience, and the skills that set you apart from your competitors before a reader dives into your full resume.

    How do you say good opportunity on a resume?

    Be honest about what you want, show how the new company can help you to achieve that goal and remember not to complain about your old position. Doing so will help to solidify you in the mind of your interviewer as a person who knows what he or she wants and who has a long-term plan for his or her future.

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