Cheap Shower Invitations

How can I host a cheap bridal shower?

  • Opt to co-host.
  • Cut the guest list.
  • Host it in the backyard.
  • Plan a simple menu.
  • Personalize the decor.
  • Keep the entertainment light.
  • Avoid fancy favors.
  • What is the budget for bridal shower?

    As with weddings, bridal shower costs can sometimes get out of control. The average cost of a bridal shower is $15 to $40 per guest (that's $300 to $800 for a 20-person party), but can go as high as $150 per person ($3,000 for a 20-person shower), according to

    What do you put on the back of a bridal shower invitation?

  • The Guest of Honor's Name.
  • The Date, Time, and Location.
  • A Way to RSVP and a Date to RSVP By.
  • The Name of the Host or Hosts.
  • The Registry Information.
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    Should guests pay for bridal shower?

    Who Pays for The Bridal Shower? Typically, whoever is hosting the bridal shower will pay for the celebration. It's poor etiquette to ask shower guests to contribute to the costs of the shower, so avoid doing so.

    How do you host an intimate bridal shower?

  • Delegate Tasks. Though traditionally the maid of honor is in charge of throwing a bridal shower, one person can't be expected to do everything!
  • Invite Wisely.
  • Make it Personal.
  • Supply Snacks.
  • Have Specialty Drinks.
  • Present Unique Activities.
  • Highlight the Bride.
  • Take Note of Gifts.
  • Where can I host a bridal shower on a budget?

    If you, a family member, or someone in the wedding party has the space, consider hosting the bridal shower at a private residence. A backyard tea party is a fun and inexpensive way to celebrate from the comfort of your own home. You can plan for affordable seating with the help of patio umbrellas and fresh linens.

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