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How do I make my slideshow cute?

  • Focus on Bright Colors. While it's important to stay on brand, it's also important to use colors that'll help you convey the right mood.
  • Leave Plenty of White Space.
  • Use Hand-Drawn Illustrations.
  • Use Larger Font Sizes.
  • Combine Classic Fonts With Playful Ones.
  • How do you make a Google slide aesthetic?

  • Use Cursive Fonts. Cursive fonts give a more elegant and sophisticated look to your presentations.
  • Use Colorful Graphics.
  • Use Dynamic Layouts.
  • Keep It Minimal.
  • Use a Black & White Color Scheme.
  • How do you make a cool PowerPoint theme?

  • To find a theme to use in your presentation, click the Design tab, click a theme, and see how it previews on the slide.
  • You can further customize the theme by changing the fonts, colors, and background colors on the Design tab.
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    How do you change the color of a PowerPoint?

    From the Design tab, click the drop-down arrow in the Variants group. Select Colors, then click Customize Colors. A dialog box will appear with the 12 current theme colors. To edit a color, click the drop-down arrow and select a different color.

    What color is best for a presentation?

    Blue: The most popular background color for presentation slides. Blue is one of the most common background colors. It's calming and conservative, which is why it's very popular with business presenters, as well as for for trainers. Studies have shown that blue has the power to slow our breathing and pulse rates.

    How can I make my slides prettier?

  • 1) Skip the Stock Template.
  • 2) Don't Use More than 6 Lines of Text.
  • 3) Ditch the Bullet Points.
  • 4) Use Sans Serif Fonts.
  • 5) Size Fonts Appropriately.
  • 6) Maintain a Strong Contrast Between Text and Background.
  • 7) Use No More than 5 Colors.
  • 8) Use Contrasting Text Colors to Draw Attention.
  • How do you do cute notes on Google Docs?

    How do I decorate in Google Sheets?

    Are PowerPoint themes royalty free?

    any copyright of powerpoint template? Yes. If you are not using Office Home and Student, your license DOES allow you to use all of your Office products and outputs in your business.

    What can I do with Google Slides?

  • Step 1: Create a presentation. To create a new presentation:
  • Step 2: Edit and format a presentation. You can add, edit, or format text, images, or videos in a presentation.
  • Step 3: Share & work with others.
  • How many words is a slide?

    2. Don't make your audience read the slides either. Keep text to a minimum (6-8 lines per slide, no more than 30 words per slide). The bullet points should be headlines, not news articles.

    How do you mirror an image in PowerPoint?

  • Click the object that you want to rotate.
  • Under Drawing Tools (or Picture Tools if you're rotating a picture), on the Format tab, in the Arrange group, click Rotate, and then: To turn an object upside-down, click Flip Vertical. To create a mirror image of the object, click Flip Horizontal.
  • What is the keyboard key for slideshow?


    To begin the slideshow from the current slide, press Shift+F5. In other words, press the Shift and F5 keys at the same time.

    How do you do morph transitions in PowerPoint?

  • In the Thumbnail pane on the left side, click the slide that you want to apply a transition to, which should be the second slide you added the object, picture, or words you'd like to apply the morph effect to.
  • On the Transitions tab, select Morph.
  • What happens to the mouse pointer when moving a slide?

    According to Microsoft this is a feature and not a bug… The pointer vanishes so users are not distracted by it during the presentation. You can set the behavior of the pointer to always hide, always be visible, or have PowerPoint automatically handle it.

    How do you blend two colors in PowerPoint?

  • Click the “Design” pane on the main menu bar across your screen.
  • Click on the “format background” option.
  • Switch to “gradient fill”
  • Create your custom gradient of two, three, or more colors by adding in color stops.
  • What color makes you seem trustworthy?

    Blue: Cool blue is perceived as trustworthy, dependable, fiscally responsible and secure.

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