Do Consultants In India Travel A Lot?

Do you travel a lot as a consultant?

If you go into consulting, you should expect to travel at most firms, but the level of travel will vary by firm and by project. The amount of travel tends to be drive by the firm's staffing model. For a firm with a more local model, travel could range but on average would be closer to 50%.

How much do consultants actually travel?

With about 75-percent of the firm traveling one day a week or less, there are still 25-percent of employees tasked with traveling between two and four days per week.

Do consultants travel around the world?

Yes, consultants travel all the time, and no, it's not glamorous. Of course, most firms try to accommodate special circumstances, but travel is still a major part of the job description. You'll find ways to make it fun, though.

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Is consulting a good career in India?

Yes. If you're interested in working in large companies, MNCs or working directly with C-suite or top management, management consultancy can be a good career choice. Along with high pay scale, this career is also something in which you'll never run out of new challenges.

Do consultants work long hours?

As a result, most management consultants have to work between 50 to 80 hours in a week to satisfy the job, thereby giving consulting a reputation for its challenging work-life balance. Across the globe there are several studies that have confirmed the long working hours for consultants over the years.

Are consultants in demand?

The consulting business is booming, as more and more companies look for expert advice in diverse areas like management, technology, marketing, and more. As a consultant, you can leverage your skills and experience in a wide range of fields to provide guidance to businesses that need it.

How much do consultants make in India?

Consultant Salaries

Job Title Salary
EY Consultant salaries - 1,076 salaries reported ₹9,53,874/yr
Infosys Consultant salaries - 927 salaries reported ₹11,28,500/yr
KPMG Consultant salaries - 735 salaries reported ₹10,04,078/yr
PwC Consultant salaries - 598 salaries reported ₹8,14,009/yr

What consulting firms travel the most?

  • #1. ClearView Healthcare Partners. SCORE 9.829. 2020 Ranking #3.
  • #2. Jabian Consulting. SCORE 9.750.
  • #3. Health Advances. SCORE 9.676.
  • #4. Kaiser Associates. SCORE 9.617.
  • #5. Cornerstone Research. SCORE 9.581.
  • #6. Blue Matter Consulting. SCORE 9.571.
  • #7. The Cambridge Group. SCORE 9.567.
  • #8. OC&C Strategy Consultants. SCORE 9.565.
  • How many hours per week do consultants work?

    Typically, both single and married consultants average 56.6 hour work weeks, but about a quarter of single consultants routinely put in between 60 and 70 hours per week. About six percent of the responding consultants say they average between 70 and 80 hours a week.

    How much do consulting partners travel?

    Additional costs

    Type Staff (#) Days (#)
    Travel 5.53 12
    Food 5.53 48
    Overhead 5.53 60
    Other subtotal

    Can consultants live anywhere?

    This article is in your queue. The accounting and consulting giant PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP says most of its U.S. employees can now live anywhere in the country, in the latest sign that the pandemic is upending traditional working arrangements in a variety of white-collar roles.

    Do consultants from Accenture travel a lot?

    Consultants typically travel for work since their clients are often not located in the same city as their home office. However, many consultants do work in their home offices if their clients are local or if their clients do not require them to travel.

    Do McKinsey India consultants travel internationally?

    Typically, the bulk of the week is spent travelling, to destinations in India like Delhi, Chennai and Bangalore and sometimes, to international destinations in South-East Asia like Bangkok, for internal Bain meetings.

    Is consulting a finance job?

    For a job in finance, both management consulting and investment banking provide lucrative career paths for ambitious individuals. Management consultants often work on a case-to-case basis helping companies become more organized and efficient, entailing a great deal of travel and long hours.

    Does Bain travel a lot?

    I've read here and in some books that Bain tends to travel less than BCG and McKinsey and while that has been changing the past few years, a strong number of Bain travels for 1-3 days per week rather than 4-5 days per week.

    Do finance consultants travel?

    In short, financial consultants offer personalized advice to help investors build wealth. Consultants also spend time marketing their businesses. They often travel and work outside normal business hours to accommodate their clients' schedules.

    Is being a consultant a good job?

    Consulting can be a rewarding career that allows professionals to solely focus on their areas of expertise. They can also have a direct impact on the bottom line. Below are some steps to work out before becoming a consultant.

    Is it harder to get into consulting or banking?

    Consulting vs Investment Banking – Openess

    Both fields require tremendous preparation for recruiting processes, but Investment Banking is obviously a lot less open. You have to be an accounting / finance student to at least have a chance facing the Technical Interviews.

    What do after consulting?

    1. They may go into industry in an analytically oriented position, such as strategic planner, internal consultant or corporate financial analyst. 2. They may do the same type of work, suggested in item 1, but in a supervisory position.

    Do consultants travel a lot?

    In general, consulting involves working on team-oriented projects to resolve problems (management, financial, or other) for clients. He routinely travels all over the country to work with clients. Overall, it's a travel- and hotel-heavy lifestyle.

    Which consulting firm pays the most in India?

    These firms, which hire only the cream of India's talent pool (including MBA grads) are the best pay masters in the world of Consulting, at least in India. Accenture, one of the top recruiters at b-schools across various tiers, pays its Consultants an eye watering median base salary of nearly ₹19.00 lakhs a year!

    Is consulting a stressful job?

    Yes, life as a consultant can be stressful. And stress can lead to many negative consequences, private as well as health wise. Consultants have weeks of 50/60 hours of work while normal workers enjoy 40 hours weeks.

    Do consultants get overtime?

    In general, no, consultants are not paid for overtime. Too bad - it would probably allow us to retire earlier 🙂 Most assignments are sold for fixed fees. The client pays a fixed amount of money for certain deliverables and then it's the partner's job to make sure the firm makes a profit out of that fee.

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