Do You Bring A Date To A Couples Shower?

Do people bring dates to bridal showers?

Pick a date

Aim for a minimum of a couple of months before the wedding. Keep in mind other events of the wedding like the bachelor/bachelorette party, which some couples plan for the evening of the shower day.

Do men go to couples showers?

Traditionally, bridal showers are women-only events. In this case, men and women are invited. Either way, everyone invited to the bridal shower should also be invited to the wedding. That said, every person invited to the wedding doesn't need to be invited to the shower.

Who comes to a couples shower?

A couple shower is closer to a cocktail or dinner party than it is to a bridal shower. Female and male relatives, as well as close friends, are invited. The party still revolves around gifts, but they're presented to both the bride and the groom, and generally they are a mix of home goods and guy-friendly gadgets.

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Do grooms go to bridal showers?

Usually grooms don't attend showers -- can you imagine what it would be like if you had to attend the bachelor party? Traditionally, a "bridal" shower is for the bride and her close female relatives and friends (and often female relatives on the groom's side, too).

What are bridesmaids supposed to do?

The list of bridesmaid's responsibilities include:

  • Emotionally supporting the bride at all times throughout the wedding planning and ceremony.
  • Assisting the Maid of Honor in planning and paying for the bridal shower and bachelorette party, and of course, assisting the Maid of Honor throughout the wedding day.
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