Does Bam Get With Endorsi?

Does Baam date Androssi?

During her date with Baam, she is unsure about her feelings towards him but soon realizes what he means to her and she takes him to a private location where she kisses him on the cheek while saying it's a memory of her for him so he does not forget her.

Who does Baam love in Tower of God?

Rachel: Baam has a deep and complicated relationship with her. They were best friends and he views her as an older sister figure. She was the reason why he entered the Tower in the first place.

Does BAM date anyone?

Fans will recall that Bam originally left the trendy reality series for his first romance with a field producer member back in 2017. Since then he has returned to the show to film as of 2019 and his long-term relationship with Allison Kagan is still going strong.

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Does Endorsi get her name back?

After defeating the no-names, Chigrinsky leads Team Nobic to the no-name lodge where they'll be safe from further attacks by getting a private room. However, during her duel with Kaiser, who initiated the challenge, Endorsi ended up losing her name.

What chapter does Baam meet Endorsi again?

Chapter Information

30F - The Truth (4): This is the eightieth chapter of Volume 2 of Tower of God. It follows the reunion between Viole and Rak, Androssi, and Yihwa as well as Reflejo getting the permission to kill the old teammates of Viole.

Does Endorsi have a horn?

She has a horn on her right temple. It appears to be a racial trait. It might be a cutaneous horn. People often confuse it as part of her hairstyle.

Does Baam leave fug?

Baam entered the Tower in search of his best friend Rachel, another Irregular, who wanted to climb to the top of the Tower and see the stars. After later being forcibly recruited into FUG, Baam joined Team Tangsooyook and managed to escape from FUG's clutches, eventually reuniting with his old friends and teammates.

What great family is Endorsi from?

In the days before she became a princess of Zahard, Androssi was adopted into a family branch of one of the Ten Great Families. The only Ranker of said family was the head of the family, so in order to gain more power, the head was determined to produce a Zahard's Princess.

Is Endorsi a human?

Androssi is a fairly human-looking girl. She is said to be very pretty, as she is one of Zahard's Princesses, and has short brown hair. Her only non-human features are the small horn on the right side of her head and her yellow eyes.

How many princesses are in Tower of God?

There have been a total of 28 confirmed Princesses, although several have gone missing.

What did Rachel get from Gustang?

This is most likely where Gustang handed the Stingray silently to Rachel, because right when Rachel woke up from her sleep, the Stingray was released. This Stingray is a gift from Gustang to protect Rachel under someone's request whose identity is still unknown.

Will Khun wake up?

After essentially freezing his own innards, Khun falls asleep into a coma. In the end, Ship Leeso managed to wake Khun up after receiving the hammer of ranker Woon Yeon from the hands of Devy and hit Khun with it.

How strong is UREK Mazino?

Urek Mazino (우렉 마지노, "Urek Majino") is an Irregular, currently 4th in Rank. He was the strongest active Ranker before Zahard became active once again. He is also the most recent person to be part of the Top 5 High Rankers inside the Tower.

Last Appearance.

▲ Upper Rank ◄►Rank Lower Rank ▼
Zahard 4 Arie Hon

Who is Jahad in Tower of God?

Jahad is the famed "King of the Tower" and the most famous and greatest being within, akin to a god to the Tower's inhabitants. Long ago, he entered the Tower with his Ten Great Warriors and built the Jahad Empire, gaining control of the 134 Floors from the Guardians.

Who is Jue Viole Grace?

He was created as the Sworn Enemy of Baam in order to balance the presence of Baam in the hidden floor. He was tasked to prevent Baam from doing wrongful act, keeping him busy, and to kill him. In the end, Data Viole was "absorbed" by Baam's Shinsu Orb.

Who Baam parents?

The boy who would become Twenty-Fifth Baam was born on the 43rd Floor of the Tower. His parents, Arlen Grace and V, were both Great Warriors and companions-turned-enemies of Zahard: Arlen in particular had spurned Zahard's romantic advances.

Why is Baam called yoru?

In the original Tower of God WEBTOON series, the main character is named “Bam” (밤 in Korean) meaning “Night.” In the anime adaptation, the main character is called “Yoru” (夜 in Japanese) which means the exact same thing: Night (Bam can also mean “chestnut” in Korean, but that is unimportant to this current discussion).

Is Baam a fug member?

Baam is a member of the FUG.

After being picked up and forcefully recruited by the FUG organization, Baam is given the position of a Slayer Candidate. Ha Jinsung, a high ranker, previously trained him, and it is thanks to him that FUG gives Baam some freedom.

Is Bam an axis?

Baam is an amnesiac axis. Phantamium goes to TOG universe, looking for the axis there, and managed to defeat him, said Axis falls from his seat of power, but his Axis-field remain (Shinsoo and TOG universe), becoming Baam. the end.

What happened to RAK Tower of God?

Rak is originally a giant-size creature, but after he mocked Ranker Yu Han Sung, the Second Floor Test Director, his body was shrunken intentionally by the Ranker. He eventually found out how to get back to his giant-size.

How old is Yuri from Tower of God?

Ha Yuri Zahard
Ranking ~500
Age 618~
Birthplace Ha Family House
Height 180 cm[citation needed]

Is Endorsi a fisherman?

8 Fisherman: "Always At The Heart Of The Battle"

The most notable of the group are Anaak Jahad and Endorsi Jahad. Throughout the first season these two hold their own against their peers in the fisherman position placement test, a ranker during the tag game, and the Bull during the guardian's test.

Where can I find Tower of God?

Watch Tower of God | Netflix.

Is Phantaminum stronger than Zahard?

Despite only ever being recorded in a single battle, Phantaminum was quickly considered the most powerful entity in the entire Tower, for slaughtering most of the personnel of Zahard's palace, all of whom were High Rankers.

Is Evankhell a woman?

Notes & Trivia. Prior to Evankhell's proper appearance within the story, she was believed to be a man (while Tower of God was still in the Best Challenge of Naver, SIU described Evankhell as being male). SIU does note that even now, it's a little difficult to say that she's perfectly female.

Who is the most beautiful in Tower of God?


  • Hwa Ryun according to SIU is the most beautiful woman in the series and I agree she is gorgeous and powerful as a scout and wave controller.
  • Even though she called Viole “MY God” she says it is more of a playful manner instead of him being seen as the god of Fug meant to change the tower.
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