Does Subaru Go Back To His World?

Does Subaru ever go back to his world?

Subaru's Return by Death allows him to come back to life whenever he dies. Here are common questions & answers about the ability. The first part of the highly anticipated Re:Zero sequel shattered all fans' expectations.

Does the world reset when Subaru dies?

Every time Subaru dies, the timeline resets from his perspective to an earlier “save point,” allowing him to re-live scenarios and attempt to alter their outcome for the better.

Who put Subaru in another world?

Ultimately, Satella was defeated and imprisoned by three heroes. Due to her actions, the Witch became a reviled figure the world over. Four centuries later Envy, from the confines of her imprisonment, summoned a young man from another world named Subaru Natsuki to her world.

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Does Subaru kiss Emilia?

Following a tense fight where they learn more about where each of them stands, Subaru and Emilia actually kiss. It's not only a huge moment in and of itself, but huge for Emilia's development too. She reciprocates the kiss, and fans see how she can truly see Subaru for the first real time.

Does Subaru marry REM?

Rem. After initially starting out on a bad foot, Rem eventually comes to fall for Subaru after he ends up emotionally and physically saving her during the events of the second arc, where afterwards she began devoting herself to him. Subaru even agreed to take Rem as her second wife, but only if Emilia would allow it.

Where does Natsuki Subaru live?

He lives in Shizuoka. You can try to contact him and ask him if he'll let you take photos of his car.

What is Subarus dad?

Natsuki Kenichi (菜月 賢一) is Subaru's father and Naoko's husband. Though a minor character overall, he is pivotal to Subaru's story.

How old is Natsuki Subaru?

The main protagonist of the series, Subaru is a 17-year-old NEET who suddenly finds himself transported to another world on his way home from the convenience store.

Who is the owner of Subaru?

Subaru Corporation

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