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Is there a free version of Family Tree Maker?

The free version is not limited by time or individuals in your tree, but rather by features.

What is the best free program to make a family tree?

FamilySearch: Best free family tree maker.

What is the current version of Family Tree Maker?

Software MacKiev touted four major improvements: FamilySearch integration, FamilySync, Color Coding, and Photo Darkroom.

Family Tree Maker.

Original author(s) Kenneth Lafferty Hess
Developer(s) Software MacKiev
Initial release 1989
Stable release 2019 (Version 24.0.1) (November 2019)
Operating system Windows, Mac OS X

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Is Family Tree Maker 2019 compatible with older versions?

And the Good News is,FTM2019 will open all previous versions of the Family Tree Maker program. And, if you don't remember where those files are, on your computer, the New, Tree Browser, will find them for you.

Can I download Family Tree Maker 2019?

The Download option is already included in your order, but you can also add a DVD or a USB drive. Choose the option you prefer and click NEXT. On the next screen, you will see an optional Family Pack license. After clicking NEXT, you will be taken to the Family Tree Maker Gift Center.

Is Family Tree Maker any good?

5.0 out of 5 starsStill a good genealogy program overall, though this version takes some getting used to to find what you want. I have used Family Tree Maker for a number of years, but always had the Windows version. This is the first time I have used the Mac version.

Is Family Tree Maker still supported?

Family Tree Maker is now sold and supported by Software MacKiev.

Is there an app for Family Tree Maker?

The free Family Tree Maker Connect mobile app from Software MacKiev™ provides a real-time view of your TreeVault® Antenna tree.

Can I update Family Tree Maker?

Yes! You can currently order an upgrade to FTM 2019 at a discounted price for returning users. For more information, make sure you are on the FTM Mailing List which you can sign up for at

How much is Family Tree Maker 2019 upgrade?

The full price is $79.95, the regular upgrade price is $59.95, and the current special upgrade price is $49.95. I'll have more to say about the price in my conclusion.

How do I update Family Tree Maker 2006?

Family Tree Maker 2006 users can download version 16 for free: From the program's home page, just click Help Center and select Check for Program Updates to automatically download and install it.

Will Family Tree Maker run on Windows 10?

As per the compatibility for Family Tree Maker 2012, it is compatible with Windows 10. The upgrade will not cause any problems with the compatibility.

Can I install Family Tree Maker 2019 on two computers?

You may install Family Tree Maker on up to 3 computers in your home.

Where is Mackiev software located?

Company Description: The Software Mackiev Company is located in Boston, MA, United States and is part of the Computer Systems Design and Related Services Industry.

Will There Be a Family Tree Maker 2021? announced it will discontinue making its acclaimed FTM (Family Tree Maker) software, and there are a lot of angry customers. Their blog is full of comments from displeased people.

Can I upgrade Family Tree Maker 2010?

A: No. Because FTM 2010 installs as a separate program you can upgrade to 2010 directly, without having to install any older software.

What is the difference between Family Tree Maker 2017 and 2019?

Our first FamilySearch integration in FTM 2017 only provided family tree hints. In FTM 2019 you will now have access to historical record hints - just match a person in your FTM tree to a person in a FamilySearch family tree and historical record hints start to appear.

Can I upload Family Tree Maker to ancestry com?

If your main tree is in Family Tree Maker, you can upload your tree to Ancestry by clicking the Upload and Link to Ancestry button on the Plan workspace. This will create a new linked online tree.

How do I transfer FTM 2019 to a new computer?

  • Open FTM 2019 on the computer with your current FTM Source tree.
  • Make a full backup of your FTM Source tree. Click here to find out how.
  • Go to the location of the backup file you have created and copy the file to your flash drive.
  • Unplug your flash drive from the first computer.
  • How do I redownload Family Tree Maker?

    1. Once you've purchased FTM 2019, or gone through the FTM 2019 Upgrade Center to confirm your pre-order, you should receive download links on-screen in your browser, as well as by email. Find the link that matches your operating system (Windows or Mac), and click on that link to download the installer file.

    Which is better RootsMagic or Family Tree Maker?

    If you want to work together with other family members on the same tree, Family Tree Maker 2017 is the way to go. If you're looking to create a webpage from your findings, Legacy 9 and RootsMagic 7 are your best choices. If you want to create amazing looking ancestral charts, Legacy 9 is your best bet.

    Which ancestry website is best?

  • Best genealogy site overall.
  • MyHeritage: Best genealogy site for fun features.
  • Archives: Best genealogy website for deep research.
  • FamilySearch: Best free genealogy website.
  • Find My Past: Best genealogy website for Irish and British records.
  • Does Family Tree Maker 2019 work on Windows 11?

    Windows. Windows 7 or later, including Windows 11, 900 MB hard disk space, 2 GB of RAM (4 GB recommended), 1024 x 768 screen resolution.

    Why is Family Tree Maker sync not working?

    Media Sync Issues

    Even if you are no longer seeing the Media Processing status bar at the top of Family Tree Maker, your media still may be in the process of syncing. If you have a bad media file (usually a PDF, but any bad media can cause this issue), it may interfere with sync.

    Can I install Family Tree Maker on IPAD?

    Users of Family Tree Maker® family history software for Mac and PC can now take their tree with them to show relatives on their iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.

    Which app is best for family tree?

    Tracing your family tree?

  • Is Myheritage app free?

    Free mobile family tree app

    MyHeritage is a free Android app that lets you build and manage your family tree. Similar to AncestryDNA, you can search for your bloodline following your family's history online and through media. It also has an additional feature for animating old photos of your ancestors.

    How do I merge two trees in Family Tree Maker 2019?

  • Open the host file in Family Tree Maker.
  • Click File then select Merge from the drop-down.
  • The backup dialog box will open.
  • From the Open dialog box, navigate to and select the file you want to merge into your tree, highlight it, and then click Open.
  • The Merge Wizard will open.
  • How do I transfer Family Tree Maker to a new computer?

    Make sure you have your most current version of Family Tree Maker installed on your new computer. On the new computer, double-click My Computer and browse to the drive where your backup file is stored (CD, DVD, or flash drive). Once you have found your backup (. ftmb) file, right-click it and select Copy.

    Where does Family Tree Maker save files?

    Family Tree Maker stores its data in separate file types. All of the file types are stored by default in the following location: C:\Users\[User Name] If you do not see your own name, your files are most likely in something generic, such as Owner or User.

    Can you transfer Family Tree Maker from PC to Mac?

    Moving a tree using a backup file

    For example, family tree files created in FTM 2014.1 for Windows can be opened directly in FTM 2017 for Mac. But the safest way to move a tree, including migrating a tree from PC to Mac, is to create a backup and then restore it.

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