Free Graduation Slideshow Template

How do I make a slideshow for my graduation pictures?

  • Choose a graduation video template or start from scratch.
  • Upload your photos and video clips.
  • Personalize your graduation video by changing colors, text, and music.
  • Share your video on social media, via email, or showcase it at a graduation celebration.
  • How do you make a virtual graduation in PowerPoint?

    What do you put on a graduation slideshow?

    Heartfelt college and high school graduation quotes

  • Congratulations!
  • Dream big and just go for it.
  • Ready to take on the world?
  • Celebrate your accomplishments – you did it!
  • Never stop learning and let that hunger guide you.
  • All that hard work paid off.
  • Caps off to you!
  • The best is yet to come – congratulations!
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    How do you make an online graduation ceremony?

  • Get creative with custom virtual backgrounds.
  • Take advantage of social media.
  • Send a digital graduation card.
  • Create a heartwarming highlight reel.
  • Host a virtual trivia game.
  • Support local businesses.
  • Throw an online commencement ceremony.
  • Host a drive-by graduation parade.
  • How do I make a virtual graduate?

  • Virtual graduation: a real, certain solution for uncertain times.
  • 3 easy steps to a virtual graduation ceremony.
  • Communicate your virtual graduation ceremony.
  • Assemble a virtual program.
  • Produce the ceremony itself.
  • Start planning your virtual graduation center now.
  • How do you make a virtual graduation video?

    How do you do a graduation ceremony at home?

  • Cater celebratory food and decorations from local businesses.
  • Start a graduation hashtag for your school to share memories and photos.
  • Have a backyard photoshoot.
  • Host a virtual party with friends and family.
  • Tune into virtual commencements hosted by social media platforms.
  • How do I make a slideshow with music and pictures on my Mac for free?

  • In the Photos app on your Mac, click Library in the sidebar, then click Days in the toolbar.
  • Select some photos in a day, then choose File > Play Slideshow.
  • Click Themes, then select a theme.
  • Click Music and select the song you want.
  • Click Play Slideshow.
  • What to write on the back of a grad invite?

    Regardless of the tone you choose, make sure to include the following details in your graduation invite:

  • The graduate's full name.
  • The name of the school, college, or university.
  • The full title of the degree, including any honors received.
  • Graduation year.
  • Location, time, and date of the graduation celebration.
  • Are there any free slideshow apps?

  • FotoPlay Slideshow Maker. Price: Free. Available on: Android.
  • PicPlayPost. Price: Free but offers in-app purchases. Available on: Android and iOS.
  • Quik. Price: Free. Available on: Android and iOS.
  • MoShow. Price: Free but offers in-app purchases. Available on: Android and iOS.
  • SlideLab. Price: Free.
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