How Can I Make A Class 12 Schedule?

How many hours should a Class 12 student study?

Each student has their own pace, learning style and ability to grasp the concepts. However, an ideal number of hours that you should dedicate to your studies is 7-8 hours daily. Studying every day for 7-8 hours will be more than enough.

What should be the daily routine of a 12th class student?

9.00 pm to 9.30 pm - Dinner and also take a break from studying long hours. 9.30 pm to 10.30 pm - Revise topics you have covered during the whole day. 10.30 pm - Go to bed, try to get a sound sleep of a minimum of 7 hrs for complete relaxation. Sleep is the most important part of your timetable.

How do I make a student schedule?

  • Step 1: Check your current schedule.
  • Step 2: Set your academic goal.
  • Step 3: List deadlines and commitments.
  • Step 4: Prioritise your list.
  • Step 5: Decide on a format.
  • Step 6: Schedule in your classes, study sessions and commitments.
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    Is 12th easier than 11th?

    No, both are same level. If you are in class 11th with conceptually, then you do have to face problem in class 12th. You will find class 12th syllabus easier as compare to class 11th. You will find class 12th syllabus easier as compare to class 11th.

    How can I top in class 12?

  • Tip 1: Keep on challenging yourself for doing better.
  • Tip 2: Maintain the right attitude all throughout.
  • Tip 3: The main syllabus book is important.
  • Tip 4: Concentrate on the English paper.
  • Tip 5: Work on the weak areas more.
  • Tip 6: Time management is very important.
  • How many hours should study?

    The recommended amount of time to spend on your studies is 2-3 hours per credit per week (4 hours per credit per week for Math classes), right from week 1. For example, for a 3-unit course, this means 6-9 hours devoted to studying per week.

    What is the best timetable to study?

    Perfect Time Table for Students:

  • 5 A.M. to 7 A.M.: Ever since it is easy to remember.
  • 7 AM to 8 AM: You can keep this time to do exercise, snacks, bathing, etc.
  • 8 AM to 10 PM: If you do not go to school, College, coaching, etc.
  • 10 AM to 12 PM:
  • 12 PM to 2 PM:
  • 2 PM to 3 PM:
  • 3 PM to 5 PM:
  • 5 PM to 6.30 PM:
  • Is 5 hours of sleep OK?

    Sometimes life calls and we don't get enough sleep. But five hours of sleep out of a 24-hour day isn't enough, especially in the long term. According to a 2018 study of more than 10,000 people, the body's ability to function declines if sleep isn't in the seven- to eight-hour range.

    How many hours Aman Dhattarwal sleep?

    Aman Dhattarwal on Instagram: “Are you sleeping on your dreams? 8 hours sleep : 1/3rd of your life 10+ hours sleep : almost half your life”

    Is Class 12 Physics difficult?

    Is Class 12 accounts tough?

    Students find accountancy to be the toughest among all other core papers of CBSE class 12 commerce exam. So, it becomes all the more difficult for the students to grasp the business concepts and jargons and score well in their 12th standard board exams which are not too far away.

    Is maths class 12 Easy?

    Students should be very happy as it is a scoring paper," she said. As per reports, overall, the CBSE Class 12 Maths paper seemed to be of moderate difficulty level and balanced. Only students with a thorough understanding of the concepts will get good marks. It was not a cakewalk for average students," he said.

    Do toppers study at night?

    “We have heard people talk about how toppers study day and night. As far as Ritish is concerned, we've never seen him wake up early nor have we seen him study late in the night. But we are glad he's managed to excel,” she says, relief enhancing the glow of pride on her face.

    How can I study fast?

  • Take notes with pen and paper.
  • Have effective note-taking skills.
  • Distributed practice.
  • Study, sleep, more study.
  • Modify your practice.
  • Try a mnemonic device.
  • Use brain breaks to restore focus.
  • Stay hydrated.
  • How can I study daily?

  • How do I start liking to study?

  • Listen to good music.
  • Turn it into a game for yourself.
  • Turn it into a game with others.
  • Use nice stationery.
  • Try roleplay.
  • Study somewhere different.
  • Challenge yourself.
  • Write comics, short stories or songs.
  • Who invented study?

    Invention of Studies

    According to historical sources, exams were invented by Henry Fischel in the late 19th century. He was an American businessman and philanthropist who is the man behind this traumatic form of examination. He was the man who invented studies.

    How do I study nonstop?

  • Eliminate distractions.
  • Use your strongest sensation to memorise things.
  • Set yourself deadlines.
  • Work when you feel most alert and efficient.
  • Don't stress too much.
  • Eat healthy & exercise.
  • Get inspired and save time by asking for help.
  • Motivation is the key.
  • Is it better to study at night or morning?

    There is no one “best” time of day to study. Just like each student has a unique learning style, different students may learn better at different times of the day. For some students, focusing on schoolwork is easier during the morning hours of the day, while others may find that studying at night works better for them.

    How much is too much studying?

    Never go beyond studying 6 hours at a time, this is maximum. This amount of time is when experts believe your brain is beyond fried. Honestly, though, you should never even get close to 6 hours at a time, especially if you use the Pomodoro Technique or a similar system to manage your time studying.

    How many hours can a person study?

    Although studies are still inconclusive on the topic, based on our research most students can study about 7 or 6 hours per day and still stay effective. However, the total time can vary depending on numerous factors and is different from student to student.

    How much sleep does a teenager need?

    How much sleep someone needs depends on their age. The American Academy of Sleep Medicine has recommended that children aged 6–12 years should regularly sleep 9–12 hours per 24 hours and teenagers aged 13–18 years should sleep 8–10 hours per 24 hours.

    Is 6 hours of sleep OK?

    Young adults can get 7 to 9 hours of sleep as recommended by the National Sleep Foundation — with 6 hours being appropriate. Less than 6 hours is not recommended.

    Is it bad to workout after not sleeping?

    If you find that you're constantly sleep deprived and never have time for any sort of exercise, it may be worth examining how you spend your time.

    Is 4 hours of sleep enough?

    For most people, 4 hours of sleep per night isn't enough to wake up feeling rested and mentally alert, no matter how well they sleep. There's a common myth that you can adapt to chronically restricted sleep, but there's no evidence that the body functionally adapts to sleep deprivation.

    Where do Aman Dhattarwal live?

    Tech in Information Technology from Netaji Subhash Institute of Technology (NSIT), Delhi. Aman is popular for his educational and motivational videos, which he uploads on his youtube channel. Aman was born on 4th March 1997 in a small village of Rajasthan. Later on, his family shifted to Delhi.

    How can I sleep faster?

  • Try The Military Method.
  • Use The 4-7-8 Method.
  • Try to Stay Awake.
  • Turn Down Your Tech.
  • Don't Worry If You Don't Fall Asleep Instantly.
  • Try Autogenic Training.
  • Do a Body Scan.
  • Take A Warm Bath or Shower.
  • How can I get 95 marks in 12th?

  • Preparation from NCERT is the most important part.
  • Important units.
  • Written practice.
  • Solving numerical.
  • Preparation of organic Chemistry.
  • Preparation of inorganic Chemistry.
  • Preparation of tail chapters.
  • Can I score 100 in Physics?

    There is no recipe for scoring 100% in Physics exam but anyone can score 100% in Physics exam with dedication, hard work and constant efforts. Physics questions can fetch you 100% marks as they are based on derivations, formulas and concepts. Do all in-text questions and exercise given in NCERT.

    Is 12th Physics harder than 11th?

    The physics of 12 the is very easier than the 11th. Because in 11th physics you need many concept in mechanics or waves. But in 12th physics you need only to learn the formula and you can easily solved the numerical. And electric current is main part of the 12th .

    Is 12th easier than 11th?

    No, both are same level. If you are in class 11th with conceptually, then you do have to face problem in class 12th. You will find class 12th syllabus easier as compare to class 11th. You will find class 12th syllabus easier as compare to class 11th.

    Who is the father of Accountancy?

    Luca Pacioli, was a Franciscan friar born in Borgo San Sepolcro in what is now Northern Italy in 1446 or 1447. It is believed that he died in the same town on 19 June 1517.

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