How Do I Create A Fillable Checkbox In Word 2007?

How do you create a text box?

  • Go to Insert > Text Box and then select either Draw Text Box (where the text aligns horizontally on the page) or Vertical Text Box (where the text aligns vertically on the page).
  • Select in the document, and then drag to draw the text box the size that you want.
  • How do you insert a Design tab in Word?

  • Select Design > Themes.
  • Point to a theme to preview how it will look.
  • Select the theme you want.
  • How do I put a text box over a picture in Word?

    On the Insert tab, in the Text group, click Text Box, drag to draw a text box anywhere near the picture, and then type your text. To change the font or style of the text, highlight the text, right-click it, and then select the text formatting you want on the shortcut menu.

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    How do I fill a textbox with color in Word 2007?

  • Select the shape or text box.
  • On the Drawing Tools Format tab, click Text Fill > More Fill Colors.
  • In the Colors box, either click the color you want on the Standard tab, or mix your own color on the Custom tab.
  • How do I make a shape a certain Size in Word?

    Select the picture, shape, WordArt, or other object to resize. Under Picture Tools or Drawing Tools, on the Format tab, in the Size group, enter the measurements that you want into the Height and Width boxes.

    Is the word checklist one word?

    n. 1. Also, checkā€² list`. a list of items for comparison, verification, or other checking purposes.

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