How Do I Send A Fax From Outlook 365

How do I fax from Outlook in Windows 10?

  • Go to the FAX.
  • Go to the Send Fax section to prepare your fax for transmission.
  • Add the recipient's fax number in the To field and attach the files to be faxed, including an optional fax cover sheet.
  • Click on the Send button to transmit your fax.
  • How do I send a fax in Outlook 365?

  • Create a new email message.
  • Enter the recipient's fax number followed by in the To field.
  • Attach up to 10 files/documents.
  • To add a cover page, type the text in the body of the email message or choose from a collection of cover page templates.
  • Hit Send.
  • How can I send a fax through email for free?

  • Click here to sign up to FAX.
  • Open your Gmail account and click on the Compose button to start a new email.
  • Enter the recipient's fax number followed by @fax.
  • Attach the document you wish to fax from Gmail.
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    Can you fax without a phone line?

    Yes, you can have a fax number without a landline phone line. An online fax service can host a fax number that you access through the internet. To have a fax number and use a fax machine (or computer with fax software) you'll need a landline phone line. VoIP phone lines will not work.

    How do I send a PDF as a fax in Outlook?

  • Click on the File tab in Microsoft Outlook.
  • Tap on Fax under New.
  • Decide on a fax service.
  • Create an account.
  • Obtain a fax number.
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