How Do You Deflect Salary In An Interview?

How do you answer interview question about salary not?

Another way not to discuss salary during an interview is by reassuring your interviewer that you're keenly interested in the job and are willing to negotiate. You can also tell your interviewer that you're open to considering the entire compensation package.

How do I postpone salary discussion?

  • Delay salary negotiations for as long as possible.
  • Know who has the authority to negotiate.
  • Determine your exact salary requirements.
  • Do your homework before negotiating the job offer.
  • Know your company-value.
  • Consider the job offer as a whole.
  • Set a polite and formal tone for the negotiations.
  • How do you defer salary expectations?

    A different option is to write that you are negotiable and “very open to discussing this when there is an offer,” Pong said. If you have to fill it out with a numerical response, do your research to put down a higher number in this salary range.

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    Can you negotiate salary before interview?

    Salary negotiation starts early in the interview process, when you'll often be asked for your current salary or expected salary. This can be uncomfortable, but it's your first opportunity to negotiate a much higher salary.

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