How Do You Make A Sub Bullet?

How do you type a sub bullet?

To insert a bullet, place the cursor at the end of a bulleted line, press Enter, and start typing. To create a sub-bullet, place the cursor in front of the text, and press Tab. To delete a bullet, press Backspace, or select the line and press Delete.

How do you make a sub bullet in Google Docs?

How do you make sub bullets in Google Slides?

1. Place your cursor at the end of the bullet point to which you want to add sub-bullets. 2. Press “Enter” to go to the subsequent line and press the “Tab” key to create a sub-bullet point.

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How do you put bullets under bullets in Word?

To get sub-points, select the points. Click the Increase Indent button on the Toolbar. To apply a bullet style - using the Format painter; This is a quick way if your bullet style is already in use. Select the bullet with the style already applied.

How do you make a bullet without indent in Word?

  • Select the bullets in the list by clicking a bullet.
  • Right-click, and then click Adjust List Indents.
  • How do you not indent bullets in Google Docs?

    How do I create multiple columns of bullets in Word?

    Select all of the text containing the bulleted list or lists you've created. Open the "Page Layout" tab, and then click "Columns." Choose the number of columns you want to show from the drop-down menu.

    How do you put bullet points next to each other?

  • Click Insert > Table.
  • Fill the cells with words and select the whole table with clicking the button.
  • Click Home > Bullets, and choose a bullet from the drop-down menu.
  • Keep the table selected, click Home > Borders > No Border to hide the table borders.
  • How do I make bullet points align in Word?

    How do I fix indentations in Word?

  • Select one or more paragraphs that you want to adjust.
  • Go to Home and then select the Paragraph dialog box launcher .
  • Choose the Indents and Spacing tab.
  • Choose your settings, and then select OK.
  • How do I move a bullet point to the left?

    In Microsoft Word you can press the TAB key to move bullets to the right. then you can press TAB again followed by BACKSPACE to move the bullet back again (to the left).

    How do I go back to the main bullet point?

    Hold down the "Shift" key and press "Tab" to back up the bullet point by one level. Repeat this process to back it up further.

    How do I reduce the space between bullets and text in Google Docs?

    Are there bullet points in Google Sheets?

    However, Google Sheets does include support for bullet points. There are two ways to add a bullet point to a cell in Sheets. You can also follow with ALT + ENTER to insert a line break if you wish to add multiple bullet points inside the same cell. Follow with CONTROL + OPTION + ENTER to insert a line break.

    Can't indent Bullets PowerPoint?

    You now need to click on “AutoFormat as you type”. Ensure “Automatic bulleted lists ” are selected. Also make sure “Set left- and first-indent with tabs and backspaces” is also selected. Finally, close and test to see if this resolves the issue.

    How do I make a heading 1.1 in Word?

    Microsoft Word heading numbering

    Go to Home tab, Click Multilevel List in Paragraph Group. Select the style that includes the word “Heading”, here you can choose the list-icon with 1 Heading 1, 1.1 Heading 2, 1.1.

    How do I make 3 columns of bullets in Word?

  • Select the text you want to format.
  • Select the Layout tab, then click the Columns command. A drop-down menu will appear.
  • Select the number of columns you want to create.
  • The text will format into columns.
  • How do I put two bullets on the same line in Word?

    To have multiple bullets on the same line, you can insert a multi-column table. Once you insert a table, select it. Then click either “Bullets” or “Numbering” under “Home” tab. Each single cell will contain a bullet or be numbered in sequence.

    How do I put bullet points side by side in pages?

  • Start by placing your table where you want to add your two columns. INSERT>>Table>>2 x 1.
  • Then type in each column the bullet points you need.
  • Finally, you can hide the table borders.
  • How do I create two independent columns in Word?

    At first, click “Page Setup” tab and then click “Columns”. Next choose “Two” to set the document in 2 columns.

    Why are my bullets not working in Word?

    Go to File > Options > Proofing. Select AutoCorrect Options, and then select the AutoFormat As You Type tab. Select or clear Automatic bulleted lists or Automatic numbered lists.

    Why is my indent going too far?

    Why is my tab button too far indenting? To select all content in your document, press Ctrl +A. Next, select Format > Align & Indent > Indentation options. In the “Indentation options” panel, make sure the box for “Left” is zero and “Special” is either “None” or the first line is set to 0.5.

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