How Do You Use One’s Fill In A Sentence?

How do you make a sentence with one's fill?

have (one's) fill (of something)

Often used in the present perfect tense ("have had one's fill"). Make sure you have your fill of cake—we made plenty for everyone! I've had my fill of people giving me advice about my love life. Janet: "Would you like any more of this curry?" Mark: "No, thank you, I've had my fill."

What does our fill mean?

(one's) fill (of something)

The amount (of something) that one wants or needs in order to be content or satiated.

What is the meaning of eat your fill?

eat your fill. eat until you are satisfied, eat as much as you can.

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What does have one's fill mean?

Also, have one's fill. Be satisfied; have enough (or more than enough) of something. For example, I love opera—I can never get my fill of it, or He's had his fill of dirty jobs. This expression alludes to having enough (or too much) to eat.

Have had their fill meaning?

To have, consume, or experience as much (of something) as one desires or is able to. Often used in the present perfect tense ("have had one's fill"). Make sure you have your fill of cake—we made plenty for everyone! I've had my fill of people giving me advice about my love life.

What is another word for filled with?

What is another word for filled with?

bursting full
filled packed
crowded crammed
brimming stuffed
jammed brimful

What type of word is fills?

Fill is a verb, and means 'make or become full'. The -ed form is filled: Can you fill this bottle with water for me?

What is the past tense of fill?

Fill verb forms

Infinitive Present Participle Past Tense
fill filling filled

What does twisting your arm mean?

Definition of twist someone's arm

1 : to grab someone's arm and bend it in order to cause pain He twisted my arm behind my back and forced me into the car. 2 informal : to try to force someone to do something My wife really had to twist my arm to get me to apologize to my boss.

What does it mean foot the bill?

Definition of foot the bill

: to pay for something His parents footed the bill for his college education. It's a business lunch, so the company is footing the bill.

What is the meaning of the idiom to save one's face?

To try to regain favorable standing after something embarrassing has happened; to give or afford someone an opportunity to avoid embarrassment, humiliation, or shame.

What does the phrase back away mean?

Definition of back away

intransitive verb. : to move away (as from a stand on an issue or from a commitment)

What is the meaning of stretched out?

phrasal verb. If you stretch out or stretch yourself out, you lie with your legs and body in a straight line. The jacuzzi was too small to stretch out in. [ VERB PARTICLE adverb/preposition] Moira stretched herself out on the lower bench.

What does it mean when someone calls you fishy?

Fishy usually refers to situations that seem suspect or shady. A guy looking over your shoulder while you use an ATM is fishy. A student looking at her arm for answers during a test is fishy. Anything fishy is suspicious — somebody's up to something. Definitions of fishy.

How do you say something is filling?

  • brimful,
  • brimming,
  • bursting,
  • chock-full.
  • (or chockful),
  • chockablock,
  • crammed,
  • crowded,
  • What's another word for fill up?

    What is another word for fill up?

    refill restock
    replenish fill
    load stock up
    top up reload
    refresh recharge

    Is filling an adjective?

    FILLING (adjective) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

    Is it filed or filled?

    As nouns the difference between filling and filing

    is that filling is anything that is used to fill something while filing is any particle that has been removed by a file or similar implement; a shaving.

    What is the position has been filled Meaning?

    A position-filled email is a type of correspondence hiring managers send to everyone who applied to their job opening once they find a qualified candidate. Typically, this email explains that the company found a more qualified candidate for their team.

    What is the verb form of fill?

    Regular verb: fill - filled - filled.

    What is the present perfect of fill?

    Compound continuous (progressive) tenses

    present perfect
    I have been filling
    you have been filling
    he, she, it has been filling
    we have been filling

    What is the third form of fill?

    Verb Forms of Fill

    (Base) 1st (Past) 2nd (Past Participle) 3rd
    Fill Filled Filled
    Get list of more Verb Forms.

    What does blue in the face mean?

    Exhausted from anger, strain, or other great effort. For example, You can argue until you're blue in the face, but I refuse to go. This expression alludes to the bluish skin color resulting from lack of oxygen, which presumably might result from talking until one was breathless. See also under talk one's arm off.

    What does put the screws on mean?

    Definition of put the screws on/to (someone or something)

    : to use force or the threat of force to make (someone or something) do what one wants The government is finally putting the screws to an industry that's been evading environmental laws for years.

    What is the meaning of last straw?

    Definition of the final/last straw

    : the last in a series of bad things that happen to make someone very upset, angry, etc. It had been a difficult week, so when the car broke down, it was the last straw.

    What does the phrase let go Dutch mean?

    : to go to a movie, restaurant, etc., as a group with each person paying for his or her own ticket, food, etc. I'll go Dutch with you on the movie if you want.

    What is the meaning of lost her cool?

    lose (one's) cool

    To lose control of one's composure, temper, or nerve in a given situation.

    What is the meaning of hit the ceiling?

    to become very angry. The sellers hit the ceiling when they heard the low offer on the house.

    What is the meaning of daggers drawn?

    phrase. If you say that two people are at daggers drawn, you mean they are having an argument and are still very angry with each other. [British] She and her mother were at daggers drawn.

    What is the meaning of get into hot water?

    Definition of hot water

    : a difficult or dangerous situation : trouble entry 1 sense 4 —used with in or into But this poor fellow was always getting into hot water, and if there was a wrong way of doing a thing, was sure to hit upon it.—

    What is the meaning of give ground?

    to move back or away (as from something difficult, dangerous, or disagreeable) There is wildlife in the area, so give ground if you see any when hiking.

    What does it mean to be downed in an argument?

    To campaign against a proposition or vote. To win an argument, verbal conflict or debate. His wife argued him down from his trip to Vegas.

    What is the meaning of phrasal verb count on?

    (count on someone) to depend on someone to do what you want or expect them to do for you. The whole team was counting on me, and I let them down. count on someone for something: You can always count on him for good advice.

    What's the meaning of head off?

    transitive verb. : to turn back or turn aside : block, prevent head them off at the pass attempts to head off the imminent crisis. Synonyms More Example Sentences Learn More About head off.

    What is Drawingout?

    transitive verb. 1 : remove, extract. 2 : to extend beyond a minimum in time : protract sense 1.

    What do you mean by Extends?

    transitive verb. 1 : to spread or stretch forth : unbend extended both her arms. 2a : to stretch out to fullest length. b : to cause (an animal, such as a horse) to move at full stride. c : to exert (oneself) to full capacity could work long and hard without seeming to extend himself.

    What are the 3 types of stretching?

    When it comes to stretching, there are three main techniques: static, dynamic, and ballistic stretching.

    What does it mean when someone is Mousey?

    adjective [usu ADJ n] If you describe someone as mousy, you mean that they are quiet and shy and that people do not notice them. The inspector remembered her as a small, mousy woman, invariably worried. Synonyms: shy, quiet, timid, ineffectual More Synonyms of mousy.

    What does Disreputability mean?

    not reputable; having a bad reputation: a disreputable barroom. discreditable; dishonorable. shabby or shoddy; of poor quality or condition: disreputable clothes.

    What are fishies?

    fish·i·er, fish·i·est. 1. Resembling or suggestive of fish, as in taste or odor. 2. Cold or expressionless: a fishy stare.

    How do you say fill and feel?

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