How Many Crew Are In A Lancaster?

How many crew did a Wellington bomber have?

The Wellington typically had a crew of five. The bomb-aimer was located within the aircraft's nose.

How many crew members are in a b17?

It originally carried a crew of six, its sole defensive armament being a remotely controlled gun turret in the tail. In 1991 the gun was eliminated and the crew reduced to five.

How many planes does a Lancaster squadron have?

Avro Lancaster four-engined heavy bomber used normally in night operations and usually crewed by seven airmen, a pilot, a flight engineer, a navigator, a bomb aimer, a wireless operator/air gunner, a mid-upper gunner and a rear gunner. Occasionally a second pilot might be aboard.

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How many crew were on a Lancaster bomber?

A Lancaster Bomber had a crew of seven: pilot, navigator, bomb aimer, flight engineer, wireless operator, mid gunner and rear gunner.

Why did the Lancaster only have one pilot?

All the larger British bombers were capable of being fitted with dual controls, for training purposes or for longer missions such as maritime patrol, but the straightforward answer is that a single pilot was the operational policy, and all aircraft were designed to be flown that way. Edit.

How many b17s were shot down?

Of the 291 attacking Fortresses, 60 were shot down over Germany, five crashed on approach to Britain, and 12 more were scrapped due to damage – a loss of 77 B-17s.

How many Lancaster bombers are left in the world?

Today there are only 17 surviving Lancaster bombers in the world, but only two of them are able to fly.

Are there any Lancasters still flying?

Today 17 remain in complete form, two of which are airworthy, and eight of which are in Canada. Only four of the surviving 17 – KB839, KB882, R5868, and W4783 – flew operational sorties over Continental Europe during the War.

How many missions did B 17 crews fly?

On May 13, 1943, the 303rd BG B-17F Hell's Angels became the first heavy bomber to complete 25 combat missions over Europe, four days before the Memphis Belle's crew. After flying 48 combat missions, it returned to the US for a war bond tour, but not until 1944.

What was the life expectancy of a tail gunner?

The Rear-Turret Gunners were in the most vulnerable position on the Plane. The life expectancy of a WW2 Rear-gunner varied but was never high, mostly about just 5 Sorties.

Did Lancaster bombers have a co pilot?

The cockpit of the Agro Lancaster - unlike US bombers there was no co-pilot, if the pilot was injured the flight engineer has basic pilot training and was expected to bring the plane and crew home.

Who built the Lancaster bomber?

What happened to all the Lancaster bombers after the war?

All the remaining 11 were all unceremoniously scrapped post war.

Who designed the Vulcan bomber?

Why was the B-24 called the flying coffin?

The four-engine aircraft was notorious among aircrews. Officially designated the “Liberator,” the square shaped B-24 could easily turn into a death trap. It was hard to fly with its stiff and heavy controls, and so earned its name by its crews as the “Flying Coffin.”

How high could a B-17 fly?

Technical Specifications

First flight July 28, 1935 (prototype)
Top speed 287 mph
Cruising speed 150 mph
Range (max.) 3,750 miles
Ceiling 35,600 feet

What is the difference between a B-17 and a b29?

Due to all of this, the B-29 is much heavier than the B-17. As a result, Boeing was forced to use more powerful engines for the B-29. In turn, the B-29 had a much longer combat range than the B-17. On top of the longer combat range, the B-29 also had a much faster cruising and max speed.

What was the life expectancy of a WW2 pilot?

Life Expectancy

The average life expectancy of a spitfire pilot during the Battle of Britain was an astonishing four weeks.

Who shot down the most German planes in WW2?

While serving in Germany's Luftwaffe in World War II, Erich Hartmann flew more than 1,400 missions in the Messerschmitt Bf 109, enabling him to score an astonishing 352 kills.

How many crew are in a b24?

A B-24 carried a crew of eight to ten men (a ten man crew was most common) comprised of both officers and enlisted men. The May 1, 1945 version of the B-24 Pilot Training Manual provides the following duties for each of the crew members.

How many crew members were on the Memphis Belle?

Memphis Belle crew for the war bond tour. Nine of the ten crewmembers are in the early tour photo above—19-year-old SSgt Casimer “Tony” Nastal (bottom right) was added for the war bond tour. Nastal flew 25 missions, but only one on the Memphis Belle.

Does Avro exist?

Avro F.C. was founded at the Chadderton factory and still exists today.

How many Vulcan bombers were built?

Avro Vulcan
Status Retired
Primary user Royal Air Force
Produced 1956–1965
Number built 136 (including prototypes)

When was the Lancaster retired?

Avro Lancaster

Who designed the Lancaster?

Avro Lancaster

How fast is a Lancaster bomber?

Five top facts about the Lancaster bomber

- The performance of the Lancaster was simply outstanding. It could carry a maximum bomb load of 22,000 lb, its maximum level speed with a full load at 15,000 feet was 275 mph and it could cruise routinely at altitudes above 20,000ft at a range speed of 200 mph.

Who built the Avro Lancaster?

How many bombers were shot down in ww2?

By type, losses totaled 21,452 fighters, 12,037 bombers, 15,428 trainers, 10,221 twin-engine fighters, 5,548 ground attack, 6,733 reconnaissance, and 6,141 transports. Italy: Total losses were 5,272 aircraft, of which 3,269 were lost in combat.

What guns did the Lancaster bomber have?

Lancaster. Almost all Lancasters were equipped with three Frazer-Nash (FN) hydraulically operated turrets, each with . 303 calibre machine guns. The FN-5 nose turret had two guns, the FN-50 mid-upper turret had two, and the FN20 tail turret had four.

What was the most successful bomber in ww2?

The PV-1 bomber, which also bore four guns, flew successful missions throughout the war. One of the best known airplanes of World War II, the B-25 bomber was also one of the most flown, most versatile, and most successful of all the combat planes of the era.

Why was the Lancaster bomber called the Lancaster?

The Lancaster was named after Lancaster, Lancashire; a Lancastrian is an inhabitant of Lancashire. The Lancastrian was basically a modified Lancaster bomber without armour or armament and with the gun turrets replaced by streamlined metal fairings, including a new nose section.

Who owns the Lancaster bomber?

Operated by the RAF Battle of Britain Memorial Flight (BBMF), the bomber takes part in flypasts across the country alongside a Spitfire and a Hurricane.

How many crew members are in a b17?

Armed with no less than 13 0.50-calibre machine guns, including two in a new “chin” turret for defense against head-on attack, the B-17G fairly bristled with machine guns. It was operated by a crew of 10, including the pilot, copilot, navigator-radioman, bombardier, and gunners.

How many American airmen died in ww2?

Overall, about 100,000 U.S. airmen died in World War II, representing nearly one-quarter of total U.S. fatalities. The material costs of maintaining an air force were likewise astronomical, with the United States losing almost 100,000 of its 300,000 planes produced during the conflict.

Was there a real Memphis Belle?

The Memphis Belle, a Boeing-built B-17F-10-BO, manufacturer's serial number 3470, USAAC Serial No. 41-24485, was added to the USAAF inventory on 15 July 1942, and delivered in September 1942 to the 91st Bombardment Group at Dow Field, Bangor, Maine.

How many British bomber crew died in ww2?

Bomber Command aircrews suffered a high casualty rate: of a total of 125,000 aircrew, 57,205 were killed (a 46 percent death rate), a further 8,403 were wounded in action and 9,838 became prisoners of war.

Why do Bombers have two pilots?

The primary reason any fighter aircraft would be designed for two crew members is work load. As avionics, sensors and weapon systems advance they become easier for a single pilot to operate, which is why far fewer fighter aircraft have two crew members now than in the past.

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