How Many RAC Are There In 2nd AC?

How many RAC tickets are issued in 2AC?

For the 2AC coaches, RAC berths has been increased to three from the existing two. Now six passengers can be accommodated in 2AC instead of four only.

Will RAC 10 get confirmed in 2AC?

RAC means you can board the train. You will be allotted seats but not berths. But, In all probability you will get confirmed reservation, no worries. There's no harm in booking the 2AC, WL 2 on that has high probability of getting confirmed, else you can cancel on the day you are travelling.

Will RAC 4 get confirmed in 2AC?

Yes, RAC is recognized in 2AC.

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Will RAC 5 get confirmed in 2AC?

RAC tickets upto 25 in 2nd AC usually get confirmed. But you will need to wait until the chart is prepared. Anyways RAC ticket holders are allowed to board the train as seat is allowed. TTE will need to allot berth.

Is there RAC in 3rd AC?

There are 6 RAC seats per carriage in 3-tier air con, so 3 cancellations (or unused quotas) and you'll all have confirmed berths. Sorry, short of time, so can't explain in more detail or check out the puroshottam express to find likelyhood of cancellations.

What is RAC in 2nd AC?

RAC- Reservation against cancellation. Basically Rac means the total available seats in the train just got over and some of the seats are kept as a reservation on shared basis ,Generally RAC seats are allotted as Side upper and side lower.

How many Coupe are there in first AC?

There are eight cabins (including two coupes) in the full AC First Class coach and three cabins (including one coupe) in the half AC First Class coach. The coach has an attendant to help the passengers. Bedding is included with the fare.

Can unmarried couple travel in coupe?

If the unmarried couple only travel through the coupe no questions will be asked. No one can guarantee allotment of a coupe. If the unmarried couple only travel through the coupe no questions will be asked.

What is RAC in 2a?

A berth will be allocated to the ticket who reserves an RAC ticket if passengers who already have a confirmed ticket do not board before the train departure or get their confirmed ticket cancelled. A berth is split into 2 seats for 2 RAC ticket holders.

How many Coupe are there in Rajdhani?

They have 24 berths with 4 cabins and 4 coupes.

What is coupe in first AC?

Each compartment has a door which passengers can lock from inside and there are no side upper or side lower berths in 1A coaches. Compartment having 2 berths (1 lower + 1 upper) are called coupe and compartments with 4 berths (2 lower + 2 upper) are called cabin.

How do I select a coupe in first AC?

There is a While booking 1AC Ticket, there is a option of Coupe & Cabin in a Birth selection Option. If you are 2 Pax Travelling, select Coupe Option & 4 Pax Travelling, select Cabin Option. There is a more chance to get as per your selection if you are doing as per above selection.

What is coupe in Rajdhani?

Passengers travelling in the first coach AC of the Rajdhani Express will now have access to smart switchable windows and coupe doors that will turn the transparent glass to opaque. The window glass can be turned 'on or off' to keep it transparent or opaque as per the passenger convenience.

What is the rule of sleeper berth?

A person who has reserved a sleeper berth will not have any claim to a seat on the lower tier between the said hours. At the time of reserving sleeping accommodation, the prescribed surcharge in addition to the fare must be recovered.

Is food provided in First AC?

Is food included in the ticket fare of First AC? If the train is a Rajdhani or Duronto Express, yes. On a normal train, no. You will have to pay extra to purchase meals; even a bottle of water.

How many RAC tickets are there in 3rd AC?

There are 4 berths per 3AC coach which will accommodate total 8 RAC passengers in each coach.

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