How Many Words Are In Jane Eyre?

How many words are there in Jane Eyre?

The Hobbit – 95,356 words. The Fellowship of the Ring – 187,790 words. The Two Towers – 156,198 words. The Return of the King – 137,115 words.

How long is Jane Eyre?

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ISBN-13: 9781435171664
Publisher: Barnes & Noble
Publication date: 12/31/2020
Series: Barnes & Noble Signature Classics Series
Pages: 536

How long would it take to read Jane Eyre?

The average reader will spend 8 hours and 52 minutes reading this book at 250 WPM (words per minute).

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Is Jane Eyre a hard book to read?

Jane Eyre was written as a middle class enjoyment novel in the 19th century. As such it is not a difficult read.

Does Jane Eyre have a child?

Jane Eyre (character)

Jane Eyre
Children Adèle Varens (daughter, adopted) Unnamed Son
Relatives John Eyre (uncle) Reed (uncle, deceased) Sarah Reed (née Gibson) (aunt by marriage) John Reed (cousin, deceased) Eliza Reed (cousin) Georgiana Reed (cousin) St. John Eyre Rivers (cousin) Diana Rivers (cousin) Mary Rivers (cousin)

How many words does Pride and Prejudice have?

Pride and Prejudice contains 681,005 characters, 122,189 words and 2,118 paragraphs, for an average of 58 words per paragraph.

How much money did Charlotte Bronte make from Jane Eyre?

The firm of Smith, Elder, and Company agreed to publish the resulting novel, and the first edition of Jane Eyre was released on October 16, 1847. The novel was an instant success, launching Charlotte into literary fame. It also netted her an impressive 500 pounds, twenty-five times her salary as a governess.

How long is Anna Karenina?

Anna Karenina

Cover page of the first volume of Anna Karenina, Moscow, 1878
Author Leo Tolstoy
Media type Print (serial)
Pages 864
ISBN 978-1-84749-059-9

How many words is Wuthering Heights?

To get a better idea of what this range looks like in real life, consider The Catcher in the Rye (73,404 words) compared to Wuthering Heights (107,945 words). Some publishers prefer a narrower word count range of around 80,000 to 100,000 words—you could call this the “sweet spot” for literary novels.

How long does 1984 take to read?

The average reader will spend 5 hours and 55 minutes reading this book at 250 WPM (words per minute).

Is Jane Eyre a boring book?

Jane Eyre was boring and unbelievable. I did enjoy the first half of the book because I had such hope for her, but then it just became dull and unrealistic. I also find it strange that she dedicates the last paragraphs of the book primarily to St.

Is Jane Eyre creepy?

Apparently, it's not hard to make a Jane Eyre movie. But it's hard to make a good one. The classic book, by Charlotte Brontë, has a creepy, supernatural element that translates awkwardly to the big screen.

Is Jane Eyre horror?

The genre eventually gave birth to modern horror. While Jane Eyre maintains its roots in realistic fiction, Brontë draws heavily upon the Gothic tradition, particularly in the setting of Thornfield Hall and the character of Bertha Mason.

How old is Rochester in Jane Eyre?

At the age of 31, Susannah York (right) was too old to play Jane, although she seemed young next to the 43-year-old George C Scott's prematurely middle-aged Rochester.

Is Jane Eyre a true story?

Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre (1847), one of the best-loved novels in the English language, may have been inspired by a real person. The real Jane Eyre was a member of a Moravian settlement, a Protestant Episcopal movement, and lived virtually as a nun for a period before marrying a surgeon.

What level is Jane Eyre?

Jane Eyre

Interest Level Grade 7 - Grade 12
Reading Level Grade 8
Genre Fiction, Young Adult
Publisher Lerner Publishing Group
Brand First Avenue Classics ™

What does the Red Room in Jane Eyre symbolize?

The red-room can be viewed as a symbol of what Jane must overcome in her struggles to find freedom, happiness, and a sense of belonging. In the red-room, Jane's position of exile and imprisonment first becomes clear.

What is Rochester's secret in Jane Eyre?

Jane and Rochester share a passionate nature but, as with all Byronic heroes, Rochester has a dark secret. On the morning that Jane is to marry him, she learns of his mad wife Bertha, kept under lock and key in the Thornfield attic.

Is Jane Eyre pretty?

Although other characters occasionally claim that Jane is beautiful, her beauty is always related to her mood or her character; it's an "inner beauty" that the reader can only understand because Jane is a "plain, Quakerish governess" on the outside.

How many words does Agatha Christie have?

Mystery Novel Word Count

Traditionally, mystery novels have tended to be on the shorter side. Agatha Christie, the best-selling mystery writer of all time, wrote novels that averaged about 40,000 to 60,000 words.

How many words are in the complete works of Jane Austen?

Great Novels and Word Count

Alan Paton Cry, the Beloved Country 83,774
Jane Austen Persuasion 87,978
John Knowles A Separate Peace 56,787
John Steinback The Grapes of Wrath 169,481
John Steinback East of Eden 225,395

How many hours does it take to read Pride and Prejudice?

The average reader will spend 6 hours and 12 minutes reading this book at 250 WPM (words per minute).

How much did Jane Eyre inherit in today's money?

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë

Jane eventually marries Mr Rochester, prompting the famous line : “Reader, I married him.” Jane's inheritance would be worth £1,871,560 today, according to the Bank of England's inflation calculator.

How long did it take for Charlotte Bronte to write Jane Eyre?

The Brontës' father had poor eyesight and could not read them, so Charlotte was able to write in confidence. Over the course of 10 years, she created characters and events that became inextricably bound with her own selfhood, some of whom we know and love in her later works.

What accent did the Brontes have?

Brontës grew up an immigrant family with their father's Irish accent.

What is Vronsky first name?

Alexei Kirillovich Vronsky

A wealthy and dashing military officer whose love for Anna prompts her to desert her husband and son.

How old is Vronsky?

Both Anna and Vronsky are around 25-30 years old. Also both are of the same age. Anna was 27 years old. She was married at 18 and in the movie she said to her husband that they are like 9 years together.

How do you pronounce Karenina?

What books have 200k words?

Books that are 200,000 words long

A Game of Thrones George R. R. Martin 298,000
East of Eden John Steinbeck 225,395
Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay Michael Chabon 216,020
Crime and Punishment Fyodor Dostoyevsky 211,591
Midnight's Children Salman Rushdie 208,773

Is 150000 words too much for a novel?

So, the average wordcount for a typical novel is anywhere from 70,000 to 120,000 words. If your story justifies the length, you needn't worry if you get up to 150,000 words, or even 180,000. But that is on the very long side. 180,000 words print about 650 paperback pages.

Is Jane Eyre depressing?

Brontë was one of the first women to write a first-person narrative novel about a woman. And the story of her character and narrator, Jane Eyre, is one of the most complex and heartbreaking you'll find today. It's also spawned some of the most well-known TV tropes, the so-called madwoman in the attic.

Who really wrote Wuthering Heights?

Wuthering Heights

Why do I like Jane Eyre?

It's such a powerful, passionate book, and startlingly original. It's the first English novel to begin with a child narrator. Jane's such an unusual heroine, poor, small and plain, but with such a fiery and determined spirit that she makes a marvelous feminist role-model. There's not a dull chapter in the book.

Why does Rochester disguise himself as a gypsy?

Rochester disguises himself as a fortune teller to retrieve information from Jane and to reaffirm that he and Miss Ingram will marry.

Why did Rochester not divorce Bertha?

Rochester's marriage to Bertha eventually stands in the way of his marrying Jane Eyre, who is unaware of Bertha's existence and whom he truly loves. As Bertha is insane he cannot divorce her, due to her actions being uncontrollable and thus not legitimate grounds for divorce.

Did Mr Rochester regain his eyesight?

After two years, Rochester begins to regain his vision in one eye, and when their first child—a boy—is born, Rochester is able to see the baby.

Is there a sequel to Jane Eyre?

All Hallows at Eyre Hall: The breathtaking sequel to Jane Eyre (The Eyre Hall Trilogy): Gray, Luccia: 9788461710096: Books.

Is Jane Eyre a Gothic or romantic novel?

One of the most popular works of Gothic romance, Jane Eyre was written at the beginning of Gothic fiction's second wave of popularity in the mid-nineteenth century.

Is there a movie based on Jane Eyre?

Unsurprisingly, Charlotte Brontë's Jane Eyre has been adapted to film many times, and here are 10 of its best film translations of all time, ranked.

What is the average word count for a YA novel?

For young adult fiction, the word count is once again lower, with the ideal being 55,000 – 80,000 words. Younger still, middle grade fiction (ages 9-12) should come in between 30,000 and 55,000 words. Books for readers aged 5-8 typically sit around 20,000 words.

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