How Much Does It Cost To Have A Baby Shower?

How much should you spend on a baby shower?

Expecting parents spend about $100-$250 on a baby shower. But if they want to give gifts, they need to spend more. If they plan to buy them a gift, add in another $25-$50 per guest. Don't forget about the gift for the new parents as well.

Is it customary to give a gift to baby shower hostess?

Giving the host a gift isn't required, but it is a nice gesture and the host would appreciate it. A bottle of wine, a gift card, or something personalized make great host gifts!

How much should you spend on a friends baby shower gift?

The general rule of thumb is firstly that you should give what you are comfortable giving and be mindful in giving gifts that the recipient will use and appreciate. As to how much, the suggested amount to spend is around $25-30 for a colleague.

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