How Much Does It Cost To Send An ECard On Moonpig?

How do I send a ecard without subscription?

Doozycards allows you to create and send eCards to friends and loved ones. No account is required to send eCards marked “FREE” or to send eCards from the Free Card page. However, you can open a free account to use their Reminders system for free Birthday, Anniversary, and Holiday reminders and a personal address book.

How much are smilebox eCards?

Although Smilebox calls attention to its free offering, many features—including the most popular templates—require the $40/year subscription.

How do I send digital money as a gift?

  • Paytm Lifafa. One of the most popular online wallets, Paytm is an easy choice if you want to send cash as Diwali gift.
  • Amazon Gift Card.
  • Flipkart Gift Card.
  • Hike Blue Packets.
  • MakeMyTrip Diwali Gift Cards.
  • Shoppers Stop, Lifestyle E-Gift Vouchers.
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