How Much Does SlickPie Cost?

Is SlickPie accounting software free?

SlickPie Overview

SlickPie is a free and easy to use online accounting software for freelancers, entrepreneurs and growing small business. Online invoicing and payments never been so easier.

Is SlickPie still available?

This Product Is No Longer Available

SlickPie is not currently accepting new customers. The software is being “revamped,” and the company says it will open for new business in the future.

What happened to SlickPie?

SlickPie was a free online accounting software for small businesses. It permanently shut down on March 31st, 2021.

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Does ZipBooks have inventory?

Comprehensive inventory management

Inventory management in ZipBooks helps you to maintain your items and their stock levels in multiple locations. You can also have mutiple Units of measurements for your stock items.

Who owns ZipBooks?

Tim Chaves is the founder and CEO at ZipBooks, free accounting software for small businesses with built-in invoice financing, time tracking and payment processing.

Are ZipBooks good?

If you're a small business looking for an easy-to-use accounting application with solid accounting capability, ZipBooks is worth a second look. ZipBooks is better suited for service and consulting businesses, with its excellent time tracking capability and excellent invoicing and document sharing features.

How do you use a Zipbook?

What is price list in Zoho Books?

In Zoho Books, price lists can be created for both sales and purchase entities. The prices of items in a price list can be set based on two main factors: Percentage - increase or decrease the item price by a percentage. Price - set a unique price for each item.

Where is ZipBooks located?

ZipBooks is an accounting software company based in American Fork, Utah.

Does ZipBooks work in Australia?

Wherever you live, whatever language you speak, ZipBooks offers the power and intelligence you need to back your business. There are some features that may not work outside of the U.S. While we do support many international bank connections (including UK, Australia, and Canada), some providers may not sync directly.

How do you reconcile a Zipbook?

  • Log in to ZipBooks and select Transactions from the menu.
  • Then click on Reconciliation.
  • Scroll to the bank account you need, and click on the month you want to reconcile.
  • How do you enter opening balance in Zipbook?

    What is Zoho book?

    Zoho Books is online accounting software that manages your finances, automates business workflows, and helps you work collectively across departments.

    What is Zoho commerce?

    Zoho Commerce is an ecommerce platform that lets businesses build their own ecommerce website, accept orders, track inventory, process payments, manage shipping, and market their brand. Zoho Commerce powers businesses in 30+ countries with plans fitting every need and budget.

    What are the advantages of Zoho?

    Simple and Easy to Use

    Unlike other CRM platforms and solutions, Zoho CRM is highly user-friendly. You don't need an IT degree to be able to use it, customise it and monitor it. The CRM is divided into modules such as Leads, Contacts, Deals, Vendors and many more for accurate data management as a shared database.

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