How Much Is James Packer Worth?

How much is the Packer family worth?

With a net worth of A$5.72 billion and a highly publicised roller coaster of a business career, James Packer is one of Australia's most well-known billionaires.

Why is James Packer so rich?


Packer is the largest shareholder of Crown Resorts, which owns casinos in Australia and London. He took over the empire of his late father, Kerry. Packer settled with his older sister Gretel in 2015, agreeing to a division of assets 10 years after their late father's death.

How much does James Packer earn?

In the 2014 wealth rankings by BRW, Packer's wealth was assessed at A$7.19 billion, making him the third-richest Australian. In 2015 BRW Rich 200, Packer's net worth was assessed at A$6.08 billion, making him the seventh-richest Australian.

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How much is Gretel Packer worth?

Gretel Packer

Does James Packer own Crown?

Mr Packer's move to protect his 37 per cent shareholding in Crown comes despite the ASX-listed group he previously ran agreeing there is “no reason” why investors should not be limited to owning 10 per cent of the group.

How old is Kerry Packer?

Kerry Packer

How tall is Kerry Packer?

Kerry Packer

Who is Ben Tilley?

Ben Tilley, the right-hand man of billionaire James Packer, has emerged as the latest apartment buyer in One Barangaroo. Tilley, who took over from his father Barry as Kerry Packer's good-luck charm accompanying the moguls in travels across the world, has secured an $8.9 million, 170sqm apartment on the 51st floor.

Who robbed Kerry Packer?

An expert safe cracker police believe robbed Kerry Packer of $5.4 million of gold bullion was the slipperiest thief the cops tailing him had ever faced. The master criminal known as 'Mr X' pulled off the brazen heist on the last weekend of April 1995 from a hidden safe inside the media mogul's Sydney HQ.

Was Kerry Packer a good person?

He thinks much more with his head than Kerry did. Kerry always thought with his heart." Kerry Packer was a large, powerful man and an excellent sportsman but was plagued by ill health for much of his life. Even before the near-fatal heart attack in 1990, there were signs that all was not well.

How did Frank Packer make his money?

Packer obtained one of Australia's first television licences in 1956 and set it on a path to becoming Australia's most successful commercial network. He underwrote two challenges to the America's Cup with boats named after his wife Gretel.

Who is Francesca Packer?

Inside the gilded world of Francesca Packer as the billionaire heiress comes of age as a Sydney socialite, flaunting her fabulous wealth and famous friends - while seeking privacy. For most of her privileged young life Francesca Packer Barham has been described as 'notoriously private', 'low-profile' and 'seldom seen'.

Is Gretel Packer married?

Gretel Packer

How much of Crown Casino does Packer own?

James Packer's contrite appearance before the Perth Casino Royal Commission on Friday belied the reality that he will determine the future ownership of Crown Resorts. Victoria's royal commissioner Ray Finkelstein this week ordered Packer to sell down his 37 per cent stake in Crown to less than 5 per cent.

Who is James Packer's father?

James Packer

How old was Frank Packer when he died?

Frank Packer

Did Kerry Packer marry his secretary?

In a staggering cast of 60, astonishingly there are only two female speaking roles in the program. Rose is based on Packer's long time real-life personal assistant Pat Wheatley, a woman who gave Packer the best years of her life, never marrying, never taking time out to have a family of her own.

Is Kerry Packer still alive?

Kerry Packer

How old is Jamie Packer?

James Packer

Did Kerry Packer have a brother?

Kerry Packer

Did Kerry Packer go to university?

Who is Matthew Csidei?

Csidei, previously known as the “Minister of Fun” given his role overseeing the construction and care of Packer's prized toys, superyachts and luxury homes, has purchased the historic Southern Highlands mansion Anglewood House, listed last year for more than $8 million.

Was Kerry Packer a criminal?

Packer emphatically denied being a criminal, suggesting the shipment may have been orchestrated by enemies he made over WSC. His former Nine Network will air the final episode of Howzat! Kerry Packer's War tomorrow night.

Who was Kerry Packers wife?

Kerry Packer

When was Kerry gold stolen?

In 1995, a fortune in gold was stolen from Australia's then richest man Kerry Packer. No-one was ever charged.

Does James Packer own a casino in Macau?

During a lucrative joint venture that lasted 11 years, Mr Packer's Crown Resorts and Mr Ho's Melco Resorts built a casino business in Macau and Manila that earned Crown roughly $4.5 billion.

What does Packer mean in Australia?

Wiktionary. Packer whackernoun. A portable defibrillator. Etymology: The name came about when Kerry Packer, a wealthy Australian media mogul, was resuscitated with a defibrillator in 1990 in Sydney after suffering a heart attack.

Why is Frank Packer a Sir?

Frank Packer was appointed a Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) in the King's Birthday Honours of 1951. He was knighted in the Queen's Birthday Honours of 1959, for services to journalism and the newspaper industry.

Who is Gretel Packer husband?

Gretel Packer

How is Francesca Packer related to James Packer?

Billionaire heiress Francesca Packer Barham deleted her Instagram account earlier this month. And James Packer's 26-year-old niece appeared to be keeping a low profile on Friday as she stepped out with a friend in Sydney.

What school did Gretel Packer attend?

Gretel Packer

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