How Much Should You Spend On A Bridal Shower?

How much is a typical bridal shower?

Bridal shower.

According to the consumer information site, a typical bridal shower costs $15 to $40 per person. You can go lower or higher, of course. Holbrook says the two bridal showers she recently threw ran a little over $250, and her brides were price-conscious.

Is it normal for bridesmaids to pay for the bridal shower?

Depending on who's hosting, your bridesmaids and maid of honor are often expected to foot the the bridal shower bill. But if your family is hosting (or cohosting), a portion of the costs and responsibilities—from décor and activities to food and beverages—will fall on them.

Does the bride help plan the bridal shower?

For the bridal shower, this usually includes the bridal party and the couple's family and close friends. Otherwise, they can have the bride assist them with the guest list and then keep her out of the rest of the planning.

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