How Strong Is Akaza?

Is Akaza stronger than rengoku?


Who is stronger Gyomei or Akaza?

So for Starters, Gyomei is blatantly above Rengoku in strength and Rengoku was able to physically match Akaza with a hole in his chest. He's more than likely physically stronger than Akaza and with the mark amping his speed and strength, combined with STW and the red blade it then becomes overkill.

Is Kyojuro stronger than Akaza?

As a Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corps, Kyojuro is a very powerful swordsman. Even Demons as strong as Akaza, Upper Moon Three and the fourth-strongest of the known Demons, acknowledged Kyojuro's strength.

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Can GIYU beat Akaza?

During the Infinity Castle Arc, Giyu had to fight Akaza with Tanjiro. Akaza was able to match Giyu's speed even after Giyu manifested his own mark. Without Tanjiro, Giyu never would have managed to win. Akaza was powerful enough to destroy Giyu's sword, which is his primary weapon.

Why is Akaza so strong?

Akaza instantly regrowing his arms moments after they were sliced off. Immense Regeneration: Akaza possesses one of the most incredible regenerative abilities in the series due to assimilating a massive amount of Muzan's blood, which he displayed constantly.

Can akaza beat DOMA?

Akaza set of techniques can overwhelm Doma during combat and Akaza has faster reaction time and speed being able to react to Tanjiro when he was in supreme territory n swung at Tanjiro like 2 times before he cut Akaza head off. I'm sure Akaza will win. He's got a really powerful Blood Demon Arts.

Is DOMA stronger than Gyomei?

Doma, 0 diff. Gyomei is far slower, weaker, more fragile and less versatile. Completely different tiers of power. Doma and Kokushibou cannot be soloed by a demon slayer.

Who defeated Kokushibo?

"The fight with Kokushibo, the highest-ranking demon among Muzan's servants, is over. Although Himejima and Sanemi defeated Kokushibo and sent him to hell, the price the Demon Slayer Corps has paid is very high.

Can Muichiro beat Akaza?

However Muichiro in his prime could definetly beat Akaza although it would be a close fight I do think Muichiro does have what it takes to kill him.

Does Giyuu know Sabito?

Canon. Giyuu explains to Tanjiro his relationship with Sabito. Sabito and Giyuu met years before the start of the series as apprentices of Urokodaki, the former Water Pillar. They were good friends and bonded well due to their similar past and motivations.

Why is akaza a demon?

An eighteen year old Akaza The heir of the rival dojo heard about Hakuji's marriage to Koyuki, so he gathered some angered disciples and fought Hakuji, but they lost. Tragically, this victory was short-lived. Hakuji, with nothing left to protect and having lost his will to live, accepts and becomes the demon Akaza.

Who defeated Upper Moon 1?

Tanjiro is 1–2 years older than him and Tokito manages to defeat the Upper Moon 4 on his own while being poisoned. Even while mortally wounded he manages to hold out on the Upper Moon 1.

Would marked rengoku beat akaza?

Rengoku could never kill Akaza. He might be able to fight him until morning but definitely not killing that demon with his sword. In the manga, Akaza is nearly indestructible and his fatal weakness is only the sun.

How strong is rengoku with Mark?

Rengoku was more powerful than two pillars with the access to the demon mark. This implies that if he had access to the demon mark, his physical abilities would dramatically increase, certainly making him stronger than Sanemi and possibly making him stronger than Gyomei.

How can Akaza be killed?

How does Akaza die? Akaza of Kimetsu no Yaiba is killed by himself at the Infinity Castle Arch. However, Tanjiro Kamado and the Water Hashira, Giyuu Tomioka, weakened him enough that the Upper 3 lost the determination to keep fighting.

Who turned Akaza into a demon?

Hakuji, with nothing left to protect and having lost his will to live, accepts and becomes the demon Akaza. After becoming a demon, he lost his memories of the time he became a human, with only one single desire to become stronger despite not knowing the reason why he wanted to become strong.

Who defeated Akaza?

Tanjiro Confronts Akaza

This battle pushes all three to reach new heights in their abilities. Giyu's awakening of his Demon Slayer Mark and Tanjiro's use of the Hinokami Kagura with the Transparent World technique proves enough to cut off Akaza's head.

Does Akaza hate Douma?

Because of his desire to become stronger and Doma's strength allowing him to surpass himself to become Upper Two, Akaza harboured an intense hatred of Doma. His carefree and bubbly personality is in stark contrast to Akaza's headstrong and aggresive nature.

Who can beat Giyuu?

  • 1 Can't Beat: Kibutsuji.
  • 2 Can Beat: Rui.
  • 3 Can't Beat: Muichiro.
  • 4 Can Beat: Nezuko.
  • 5 Can't Beat: Sanemi.
  • 6 Can Beat: Zenitsu.
  • 7 Can't Beat: Gyomei.
  • 8 Can Beat: Inosuke.
  • Who is akaza in love with?

    Following her confession, she proposes to Hakuji who agrees to grow strong and be with her for the rest of her life. However, before they are able to wed, Koyuki and her father are unexpectedly poisoned, and killed by the rival dojo.

    Is Gyomei stronger than Kokushibo?

    In combat, Gyomei's power is clear. Both Tanjiro and Inosuke Hashibira have declared Gyomei to be the strongest Demon Slayer throughout the entire Corps. The Upper Rank 1 demon, Kokushibo, has said that Gyomei's abilities are at their peak and that Gyomei is the highest caliber warrior he has encountered in 300 years.

    Who killed Yoriichi?

    Shortly before his death of at least 85 years in age, he battled his older twin brother, Kokushibo who turned into a demon. Despite both his advanced age and apparent blindness, he quickly gained the upper-hand in the battle with a single move, slitting his throat before he finally died standing up, unscathed.

    Is Kokushibo related to Yoriichi?

    Yoriichi Tsugikuni

    Yoriichi was the identical younger twin of Kokushibo — Michikatsu in this case since this is the name that Yoriichi knew him as.

    How old is Kokushibou?

    However, his life made a drastically turn when he discovered he had developed his own Demon Slayer Mark, which eventually and drastically shortened his lifespan and made him live until he was 25 years old.


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    art by Koyoharu gotouge and yuuki_kasuga

    Who killed Nakime?

    Muzan Kibutsuji then tries to take back control but realises he can't while fighting the [pillars] at the same time and decides to kill Nakime by destroying her head, before he is put to more disadvantages.

    Can Gyomei beat Muzan?

    Using this opportunity, Gyomei Himejima appears and destroys Muzan's head. However he is able to instantly regrow his head. As all of the other Hashira join the fight, the Infinity Castle appears as if sucking in all the people nearby and scattering them.

    Why is Giyuu's haori mismatched?

    she keeps it in a memory box made by kanae when she was still alive. giyuu - half of his haori is from sabito. sabito's haori was his father's who was killed by a demon. the other half is from giyuu's sister tsutako.

    How old is Sanemi?


    Rank Hashira
    Birthday 29th November
    Age Twenty-one
    Height 179cm
    Weight 75kg

    Who kills Douma?

    He was soon decapitated by the combined force of Kanao and Inosuke, avenging Shinobu and her family.

    How did Yoriichi live so long?

    in the heat of the battle and cuz they get it later in their life, their body can't really get used to the change and therefore they die young. So in Yoriichi's case, he was born marked and his body would used to such conditions (making his regular body temperature something like a fever.

    Can Kokushibo use Sun breathing?

    a Breathing Style derived from the Sun Breathing used by Upper Rank 1, Kokushibo, who was one of the first Demon Slayers who utilized breathing techniques.

    How strong is Yoriichi demon slayer?

    Yoriichi can move at 300,756x the speed of sound. Let that sink in. That's why he's the most powerful, particularly in a universe where speed is key.

    What rank is GIYU?

    Giyu's rankings in the popularity polls are as follows: Giyu ranked 4th place in the first popularity poll with 2,190 votes. Giyu ranked 2nd place in the second popularity poll with 13,281 votes.

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