How To Build A Timeline

What should be in a timeline?

What Should a Timeline Include? Representing an alignment in time and making a chronological statement, a timeline should include the series of events and activities (milestones and tasks) that you want to display on your graphic, along with their dates to mark their occurrence over a particular phase.

How can I make my timeline more interesting?

  • Make a Chain-Link Timeline.
  • Use Felt Animals for Pre-History.
  • Create a Virtual Timeline.
  • Storyboard a Timeline.
  • Explore The Knotted Line.
  • Use an Online Timeline Maker.
  • Craft a Clothesline Timeline.
  • What is a storyboard timeline?

    Making Timelines

    Some people prefer our timeline layout to show ordered events with dates and descriptions, focusing on the visual aspect of the sequence of events or steps in a process. The timelines on Storyboard That are vertical because they are designed to be viewed on a computer or projection screen.

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