How To Delete Page Word

How do I remove a cover page in Word?

To delete a cover page inserted with Word, click the Insert tab, click Cover pages in the Pages group, and then click Remove Current Cover Page.

How do I find and delete in Word?

Press [Ctrl]+H to open the Find And Replace dialog box. Click inside the Find What control, delete any existing contents, and enter two spaces (just two). Click inside the Replace With control, delete any existing contents, and enter one space.

How do you add and remove pages in Word?

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How do I get rid of symbols in Word?

Click on Word Options. In the left pane of the Word Options dialog, click on Display. Locate the Paragraph marks option under the Always show these formatting marks on the screen section and uncheck the checkbox beside it to have Word hide the symbols.

How do you delete a slide on Google Docs?

  • On your Android phone or tablet, open a presentation in the Google Slides app.
  • At the bottom, touch and hold the slide you want to delete. If you want to delete multiple slides, tap them now.
  • Tap More. Delete.
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