How To Make A Line Graph On Excel 2010

How do I create a line graph in Excel 2010?

  • Click on the Row of data you wish to include in the line chart.
  • Click on the Insert tab in the Office Ribbon.
  • Click on the Line button in the Charts group.
  • Click on the Line Chart type you wish to use.
  • How do I graph a vertical line in Excel 2010?

  • On the All Charts tab, select Combo.
  • For the main data series, choose the Line chart type.
  • For the Vertical Line data series, pick Scatter with Straight Lines and select the Secondary Axis checkbox next to it.
  • Click OK.
  • How do you add a line in a cell in Excel?

    To start a new line of text or add spacing between lines or paragraphs of text in a worksheet cell, press Alt+Enter to insert a line break. Double-click the cell in which you want to insert a line break (or select the cell and then press F2).

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    How do I make vertical text in Excel graph?

    How do I make vertical text in Excel?

  • Select the cell (or cells) that you wish to make vertical.
  • Click the Home tab at the top of the window.
  • Choose the Orientation button in the Alignment section of the ribbon.
  • Select the Vertical Text option.
  • What is Ctrl enter in Excel?

    #2 – Ctrl+Enter to Fill All Selected Cells with the Same Data or Formula. When we are entering data or a formula in a cell, and have multiple cells selected, Ctrl+Enter will copy the data/formula to all of the selected cells.

    How do I put bullets in Excel?

    Select a blank cell, and then on the Insert tab, click Symbol. At the bottom of the dialog box, type 2022 in the Character code box. Then click Insert, and Close. If you need another bullet on a new line underneath, type ALT+ENTER and repeat the process.

    How do I change from horizontal to vertical in Excel 2010?

  • Select all the rows or columns that you want to transpose.
  • Click on a cell in an unused area of your worksheet.
  • Click on the arrow below the "Paste" item and select "Transpose." Excel pastes in your copied rows as columns or your copied columns as rows.
  • How do I change vertical axis text in Excel?

    In the Format Axis dialog box, click Text Options. Under Text Box, do one or more of the following: In the Vertical alignment box, click the vertical alignment position that you want. In the Text direction box, click the text orientation that you want.

    What is the vertical axis in Excel?

    By default, Microsoft Office Excel determines the minimum and maximum scale values of the vertical (value) axis. The y axis is usually the vertical axis and contains data. The x-axis is usually the horizontal axis and contains categories in a chart. You can, however, customize the scale to better meet your needs.

    How do you create a border around the cell?

  • Click Home > the Borders arrow .
  • Pick Draw Borders for outer borders or Draw Border Grid for gridlines.
  • Click the Borders arrow > Line Color arrow, and then pick a color.
  • Click the Borders arrow > Line Style arrow, and then pick a line style.
  • Select cells you want to draw borders around.
  • How do you change text to 22 degrees in Excel?

  • Select a cell or cell range to be subject to text control alignment.
  • Choose Format > Cells from the menu bar.
  • The Format Cells dialog box opens.
  • Click the Alignment tab.
  • Increase or decrease the number shown in the Degrees field or spin box.
  • Click OK.
  • How do you change text from horizontal to vertical in Excel?

    Why cant I Ctrl enter in Excel?

    If the Ctrl, Alt and Enter keys are working normally in other situations (ruling out keyboard malfunction), you might have software running in the background that hijacks those key combinations. Do Windows key+Ctrl+Enter and Windows key+Alt+Enter work instead of Ctrl+Enter and Alt+Enter?

    What does Alt enter do in Excel?

    In Microsoft Excel, pressing Alt + Enter creates a new line in a Microsoft Excel cell.

    How do I add a line between rows in Excel?

  • Double-click the cell in which you want to insert a line break.
  • Click the location where you want to break the line.
  • Press ALT+ENTER to insert the line break.
  • How do you plot XY points in Excel?

    Go to the "Insert" tab and look for the "Charts" section. In Excel 2007 and earlier versions, click on "Scatter" and choose one of the options that appear in the drop-down menu. In Excel 2010 and later, look for the icon with dots plotted in the xy plane that says "Insert Scatter (X, Y) or Bubble Chart."

    How do you transpose horizontal data to vertical?

    How do I change horizontal axis to vertical in Excel?

  • Click anywhere in the chart.
  • On the Format tab, in the Current Selection group, click the arrow next to the Chart Elements box, and then click Vertical (Value) Axis.
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