How To Make A Table In Microsoft Word 2010

How do I make a Table in Word 2010?

1Click the Table button on the Insert tab and choose Draw Table from the menu that appears. 2Click in your document and drag to “draw” the table's outline. 3To draw a row, drag the pencil pointer from the left side to the right side of the table.

How do you create columns and rows in Word 2010?

How do I edit a Table in Word 2010?

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What are built in tables in MS Word 2010?

A table is a structure of vertical columns and horizontal rows with a cell at every intersection. Each cell can contain text or graphics, and you can format the table in any way you want. Usually the top row in the table is kept as a table header and can be used to put some informative instruction.

How can I insert a table in Word?

  • In Word, place the mouse cursor where you want to add the table.
  • Click the Insert tab in the Ribbon.
  • Click the Table button and select how many cells, rows, and columns you want the table to display. You can also click Insert Table and enter the number of columns and rows for the inserted table.
  • How many ways can you make a table?

    Microsoft now provides five different methods for creating tables: the Graphic Grid, Insert Table, Draw Table, insert a new or existing Excel Spreadsheet table, and Quick Tables, plus an option for converting existing text into a table.

    How do I make columns in Microsoft Word 2010?

  • Select the text you want to format.
  • Click the Page Layout tab.
  • Click the Columns command. A drop-down menu will appear. Adding columns.
  • Select the number of columns you want to insert. The text will then format into columns.
  • How do I add rows to a table in Word 2010?

  • Click in a cell above or below where you want to add a row.
  • Under Table Tools, on the Layout tab, do one of the following: To add a row above the cell, click Insert Above in the Rows and Columns group. To add a row below the cell, click Insert Below in the Rows and Columns group.
  • How do I create and edit a table?

  • Move the cursor to the location in the document where you want to create the table.
  • Click the Table button in the Elements tool, or choose Table from the Insert menu.The Table dialog displays.
  • Enter the initial number of rows and columns for the new table, and specify the border width, etc.
  • Where are table tools in Word?

    When working within a table, the Table Tools tab appears in the Ribbon, and includes the Design and Layout tabs. You can easily sort data in a table in either ascending or descending order.

    How do I make a table within a table?

  • Place your major table, as desired.
  • Put the insertion point in the cell that you want to contain the secondary table.
  • Insert your secondary table using any of the regular table insertion tools provided by Word.
  • How do you make a table inside a table?

    Tables can be nested together to create a table inside a table. To create a nested table, we need to create a table using the <table> tag. This table is known as the outer table. The second table that will be nested table is called the inner table.

    How do I create a sub of tables in Word?

  • Position the insertion point at the location in the document where you want the table of contents.
  • Display the References tab of the ribbon.
  • At the left of the ribbon click the Table of Contents tool.
  • Click Insert Table of Contents.
  • Click on the Options button.
  • How many ways are there to create a table in MS Word?

    For our example, we'll turn a classic contact list into a table, using a list of names—first, middle, last—plus the city, state, region, and profession of each person on the list. For eons, people have used tabs to separate the fields, adding a tab or two to accommodate longer strings of data.

    How can you apply styles to a table?

  • Select any cell in the table.
  • Select Design.
  • In the Table Styles gallery, select the table style you want to apply. Note: To remove a table style, select Design. In the Table Styles gallery, select More, and then select Clear or Clear Table.
  • What is draw table?

    Definition of draw table. : a table whose top is extendible by pulling out leaves from under each end.

    How do I insert a table in Word without moving the text?

    Click the Table Layout tab, and then under Settings, click Properties. Under Text Wrapping, click Around. To set the horizontal and vertical position of the table, the distance from surrounding text, and other options, under Text Wrapping, click Positioning, and then choose the options that you want.

    What are the 2 ways to create a table?


  • Create a new table using the graphical grid. Insert Table.
  • Create a new table using Insert Table. Draw Table.
  • Create a new table using Draw Table.
  • Create a new table using Excel Spreadsheet.
  • Copy and paste an existing table from Excel.
  • Create a new table using Quick Tables.
  • How do I add columns to a table in Word?

  • Click where you want in your table to add a row or column and then click the Layout tab (this is the tab next to the Table Design tab on the ribbon).
  • To add rows, click Insert Above or Insert Below and to add columns, click Insert Left or Insert Right.
  • Why are my columns not working in Word?

    Double-check the column settings you have in place to make sure the formatting is configured as required. Select the section of the text you're working with, then choose "Columns" and "More Columns" from the Page Layout menu tab.

    What command do you use to add rows to a table?

    Insert command is the correct answer to the given question.

    How do I make Columns with lines in Word?

  • Select the text.
  • Go to Ribbon > Layout > (Page Setup group) Columns. Click on the dropdown and select the number of columns you want.
  • The text is now arranged into columns.
  • In the Columns dialog box, check the Line Between box and click OK.
  • How do I create two Columns in a Word document?

    At first, click “Page Setup” tab and then click “Columns”. Next choose “Two” to set the document in 2 columns.

    How do I make two Columns into one in Word?

    Select the Page Layout tab, then click the Columns command. A drop-down menu will appear. Select the number of columns you want to create. The text will format into columns.

    Where is the Table Tools Layout tab in Word 2010?

    When you select a table in Word 2010, Design and Layout tabs appear under Table Tools on the Ribbon. Using commands on the Layout tab, you can make a variety of modifications to the table.

    Which tab contains the Table button?

    The Table button is present on Insert tab.

    How do I make a table in Word 2016?

  • Click where you want the table in your document.
  • Click the Insert tab.
  • Click the Table button.
  • Drag through the grid to set the desired number of rows and columns. You don't need to be precise; you can always add or remove rows or columns later.
  • Release the mouse button to begin working on the table.
  • How do I make a table in Word 2007?

  • Introduction.
  • 1Select the Insert tab, click the Insert Table button in the Tables group, and then choose the Draw Table command.
  • 2Draw the overall shape of the table by dragging the pencil pointer to create a rectangular boundary.
  • 3Carve the table into smaller cells.
  • How do you create a sub table inside a main table?

    A table can be created within another table by simply using the table tags like <table>, <tr>, <td>, etc., to create our nested table. Since nesting tables can lead to higher complexity levels, remember to begin and end the nesting tables within the same cell.

    What is a nested table in Word?

    Using nested tables in Word can make a document more readable by adding more white space to line up text and images. As an example, we'll create a nested table for part of a procedure from our article about printing a worksheet with comments in Excel.

    Is it possible to insert a table within another table?

    Yes, table can be inserted into cell of another table.

    How do I add more table of contents in Word?

  • Click anywhere inside the TOC.
  • Go to the References tab > Table of Contents > Insert Table of Contents.
  • On the Table of Contents window, change the Show levels setting from 3 to 4 or 5, depending on how deep you want to go.
  • Click OK.
  • Say Yes to replace the existing TOC.
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