How To Make Flash Cards On Microsoft Word 2010

How do you make flash cards step by step?

  • Read what you need to learn. Read the text carefully a few times, so you know how much you have to learn and what you have to learn.
  • find and mark definitions. Highlight the most important definitions, keywords and key phrases.
  • Write your flashcards.
  • How do you make easy flash cards?

  • By Hand. To make your own flashcards by hand, start with index cards.
  • Flashcard Apps. Flashcard apps make it quick and easy to make cards.
  • Keep It Simple. Flashcards should only have one topic or answer per card.
  • Say the Answer Out Loud.
  • Use Visuals.
  • Mix It up.
  • Study Often.
  • How do you make memory flash cards?

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    How do you make cue cards?

  • Don't write out your entire speech. Include an outline and word prompts to jog your memory—don't jot down every word.
  • Write in short phrases.
  • Write big.
  • Use one topic per card.
  • Number your cards to keep them in the right order.
  • Cue visual aid usage.
  • How do you make aesthetic flashcards?

    How do you make double sided flashcards on Microsoft Word?

  • Hit "CTRL" and "P" to bring up the print screen in Word.
  • Click "Manual Duplex" in the upper right corner of the window.
  • Print the first side of the flash card.
  • Flip the printed card around to the other side, and put back into the printer.
  • Print the other side of the flash card. Things You'll Need. Microsoft Word.
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    How do you Print on index cards?

  • Download a template for typing Post-It Notes.
  • Type your message.
  • Print typed messages.
  • Reprint.
  • How big is a notecard?

    Format. The most common size for index card in North America and the UK is 3 by 5 inches (76.2 by 127.0 mm), hence the common name 3-by-5 card. Other sizes widely available include 4 by 6 inches (101.6 by 152.4 mm), 5 by 8 inches (127.0 by 203.2 mm) and ISO-size A7 (74 by 105 mm or 2.9 by 4.1 in).

    How do you make ring flash?

    Simply take your flash cards and punch 2 holes at the top, spaced from end to end. I place a “punched hole” card on top of another so that the holes will all be in the same spot. Then attach your book ring to each side through all the holes of each flash card. Then clasp the book ring shut tight.

    How do you revise flashcards?

    The most effective flashcards include one question followed by one answer (or one term followed by one definition). Don't force your brain to remember a complex and wordy answer. It's easier for your brain to process simpler information so split up your longer questions into smaller, simpler ones.

    How do you store flashcards in a binder?

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