How To Make Infographics On Powerpoint

How do you create an infographic in PowerPoint?

  • Step 1: Create A Portrait Slide.
  • Step 2: Format the Background for Your Infographic.
  • Step 3: Edit Your Title and Subheading.
  • Step 4: Add New Elements Using SmartArt.
  • Step 5: Create Unique Elements Using Shapes and Text Boxes.
  • Step 6: Add Original Images to Create Complex Elements.
  • Is there an infographic template in PowerPoint?

    Infographics PowerPoint templates are editable infographics created in PowerPoint with placeholder features. It typically uses multiple components to capture values of data.

    What is infographic in PPT?

    Infographics are an engaging way to present data and concepts. What is an infographic? It's a graphic with minimal text, graphics, and numbers (usually). You can think of it as a chart or diagram. You can find templates for creating infographics in PowerPoint but in my experience, they never fit your data.

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    What the heck is an infographic?

    An Infographic is basically an artistic representation of data and information using different elements such as graphs, pictures, diagrams, narrative, timelines, check lists, etc.

    How do you create a circle infographic in PowerPoint?

    How do you draw a segmented circle in PowerPoint?

  • Step 1: Draw the base segment. Use 'pie' tool in auto shapes menu to create a quarter segment as follows:
  • Step 2: Draw the circle. Now make three more copies of the segment and complete the circle as follows:
  • Step 3: Add a layer.
  • Step 4: Color the segments.
  • How do you make a circle a different color in PowerPoint?

  • Choose the Partial Circle shape.
  • Insert a partial shape—be sure to hold down the Shift key.
  • Add the color of your choosing to the semi-circle.
  • This dual-color circle is two semi-circles.
  • Use the dual-color circle to create an interesting icon or image.
  • Insert a rectangle.
  • How do you divide a circle into 9 equal parts in PowerPoint?

    How do you use infographics?

  • Use Infographics to Spice Up Landing Pages.
  • Launch Them as Newsletters.
  • Repurpose Them into Slideshows.
  • Offer Them in Your Online Course.
  • Share Snippets of Your Infographic on Instagram.
  • Create Roundup Infographics.
  • How do I make an infographic video?

  • Upload your content. From the My Videos page, hit the red + button to get started.
  • Choose a theme.
  • Add in text.
  • Adjust time length of slides.
  • Polish it off with music or voice overs.
  • Save and share your infographic video.
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