How To Make Your Own Baby Shower Invitations

When making a baby shower invitations Who do you honor?

The invitation should clearly state the name of the guest of honor—the mom-to-be, or both parents, depending on if one or both will be in attendance. The host (whoever is planning the shower and will be collecting RSVPs) should also be listed, along with the best contact information for them to get reservations.

What to say to mum to be?

You've got this!

  • You're doing great!
  • No one is a better mum to your baby than you.
  • Trust your gut, I do!
  • I'm here for you, but I know you can do this.
  • You are a lovely mum.
  • Your baby is so lucky to have you.
  • Who usually attends baby showers?

    Close friends and family members should be invited to the baby shower. You should always consult with the mom-to-be on the guest list though, just in case she has any co-workers or friends she wants to add to the list.

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