How To Use Categories In Outlook 2010

How do you effectively use categories in Outlook?

  • Select an email message or calendar event and right-click.
  • From the Categorize menu, select New category.
  • Type a name for your category, and then, if you want, choose a color by clicking the category icon.
  • Press Enter. The category is created and applied to the items you've selected.
  • How do I automatically color categorize emails in Outlook?

    The Conditional Formatting feature in Outlook allows you to get organized by automatically color coding your Emails, Calendar items, Contacts and Tasks without the need to apply a Color Category to it or move them to different folders.

    How do I sort emails by category in Outlook?

  • At the bottom of the navigation pane, click Mail .
  • In the folder list, click the folder containing the messages that you want to filter.
  • On the Home tab, click the arrow next to Filter Email, click a filter, or hover over a choice with a right arrow, and choose a filter under the submenu.
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    How do I get my categories back in Outlook?

  • Open your Notes folder (keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+5).
  • Drag & drop the Categories.
  • If you were to select the Note and look at your All Categories list now, you'll see that the Categories which need to be restored are marked with; Not in Master Category List.
  • How do you name categories in Outlook?

  • Select an Outlook item (either an email, calendar event, contact, or task.
  • In the Tags group on the Ribbon, click Categorize, and then click All Categories.
  • Click a category, and then click Rename.
  • Type the new name for the color category, and then press Enter.
  • Why can't I see categories in Outlook?

    If the Categorize option doesn't show up by the right click, then select the particular mail folder, and under the tags section, click on Categorize option. Select the color. So, this is how you can categorize your items on Outlook. If you want to create a category of your own, then it is also easy.

    How do I customize categories in Outlook?

  • Go to the Home tab and select Categorize,in the Tags group.
  • Select All Categories.
  • Select the category you want to change and then take one of the following actions: Change the category title: Select Rename, type a new name, and press Enter.
  • Select OK when you're finished.
  • Can you sort by category in Outlook online?

    Currently, you can't sort messages by category in OWA (Outlook on the web). This is an known limitation of OWA.

    How do I create a folder for categories in Outlook?

    To create a new folder:

    Locate and select the Folder tab on the Ribbon. The Folder tab will appear. Select the desired location for the folder, then click the New Folder command. The Create New Folder dialog box will appear.

    How do I add categories to Outlook toolbar?

  • On the toolbar of the main Outlook window, select Categorize .
  • At the bottom of the menu, select All Categories.
  • In the Name list, select the check box for a color category.
  • In the Shortcut Key list, choose a keyboard shortcut.
  • How do I change Master category in Outlook 2010?

  • Right click on the mail box in navigation pane.
  • Click on Data File properties.
  • Click on 'Upgrade to color categories'> yes.
  • Restart Outlook and check.
  • How do I view categories in a shared mailbox in Outlook?

  • Start Outlook.
  • Click Calendar in the navigation menu.
  • Right-click the Calendar folder, and then, click Properties.
  • Click the Permissions tab.
  • Add or click to select the user who has to manage categories in the shared folder.
  • How do I automatically assign categories in Outlook?

    Open the Outlook desktop app and go to the Home tab. Select Rules > Create Rule. In the Create Rule dialog box, select Advanced Options. In the Rules Wizard, choose the condition you want to use to automatically add a category to the incoming email, then select Next.

    How do I add categories to master category in Outlook?

    To build the new Category list in Outlook, right click on the top of the mailbox and choose Properties. Here you'll see a button called “Upgrade to Color Categories…”. When you press this button, Outlook will look through the entire mailbox for Categories and when found, it will add them to the Master Category List.

    What are Outlook categories?

    Outlook categories are a management tool, similar to rules and tasks. Most users use the colors to visually identify items by people, topic, priority, and so on. However, categories can do much more. You can use them to perform quick sorts, populate search folders, and even narrow a mail merge to a specific category.

    How do I sort emails by categories?

    In email you can sort by Category by right clicking in the header row, selecting “field chooser” and clicking on “Categories”. You can search across all of Outlook (or just email, contacts, calendared items, tasks) for specific Categories or create a Search Folder for Categories.

    How do I open a category list in Outlook?

    On your Outlook Home tab, navigate to the Tags section (it's the fifth section from the right) and click Categorize. In the pop-up box, scroll down to the bottom of the list and click All Categories. A box labeled Color Categories appears, and you should click the box for New along the right side.

    How do I add categories to Ribbon in Outlook 2010?

  • Click the "New E-Mail" Button.
  • Right Click >> “Customize the Ribbon” >> From the Drop Down list select “Macros” >> Select "Project1. CategoriesButton" and add to a new group.
  • Rename and add icons to the button as you wish!
  • Where is Outlook Master Category List?

    Outlook does not use the registry for a master category list; they are stored in the default message store (mailbox or pst).

    Are categories in outlook shared?

    You can sync your own Outlook calendar/categories colors with different devices they will be identical. However, when you share your calendar with people, they are able to add it to their calendar view depending on the permission you give them they can view your calendar or edit it.

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