Is Canva Going Public?

Can I buy Canva stock?

Canva is one of the biggest Australian tech companies. But unfortunately for ASX tech investors, Canva is not listed on the ASX. This company remains a private one, owned largely by its founders Melanie Perkins, Cameron Adams and Cliff Obrecht. As such, it's only institutional investors that are privy to owning shares.

How much is Canva stock worth?

Canva investors

Canva's latest valuation is reported to be $15 b.

Why did Melanie Perkins create Canva?

She had a crazy big idea: to build an online tool that would empower anyone to create great designs regardless of their experience. Canva's mission seems like a worthy goal today, but it was met with extreme skepticism by venture capitalists, who rejected Canva's pitch at first.

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