Is It OK To RSVP By Text?

What do you say in a text RSVP?

Most RSVP cards will read “To reply, text “hello” to [123.456. 7890 or whatever their replied app number is].” You can actually text any word that you want and the intelligent text message RSVP service will begin replying to you and gathering your information. The first text message to come in will be a greeting.

Is it OK to send a reminder to RSVP?

It's common for a few guests to simply forget and miss the deadline due to their own busy schedules. Most guests don't ignore the RSVP deadline on purpose, so sending RSVP reminders can be helpful!

How do you politely ask for RSVP?

Whether you call, text, or email, your message should be clear and direct. Say something like, "I hope you received my wedding invitation a few weeks ago, because I haven't heard whether or not you'll be attending. I need to get a final head count by Friday, so please let me know by tomorrow at the latest."

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Does RSVP have an apostrophe?

These days, initialisms like TV or RSVP are made plural simply by adding a lowercase s without an apostrophe: TVs, RSVPs. But to pluralize abbreviations that end in S, we advise using an apostrophe: They sent out two SOS's.

Can you send invitations via text?

SMS text message invites, also known as SMS invites, are simply invitations that are sent straight to someone's cell phone or tablet. Depending on the invitation company, you may need to download an iOS or Android app to send the invites or you can do it directly from your laptop or desktop computer.

How do you text someone on a wedding RSVP?

Please RSVP by texting your name and the number in your party to 205-686-3585. You can also text questions and any clarifications you might need to that number and we'll answer. Don't worry if you don't see a response immediately; we'll be checking in every few days.

How do you write RSVP plural?

The plural form of RSVP is RSVPs.

Is it rude to RSVP no to a wedding?

The couple should know to expect 10–20 percent of RSVP cards to come back with "regrets." That said, declining their invite shouldn't be a decision you make lightly—they've specifically requested you to be present on a very significant day for them, so your "no" is more than nothing.

How do you say RSVP is closed?

"To those who contacted us, thanks.., and to those who didn't all spaces have been accounted for Our deadline was 4/10/12".

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