Is Makima Dead?

Will Makima come back?

Yes, Denji is eating Makima, but since he's not doing it as the Chainsaw Devil, we don't know if it'll actually be effective in permanently erasing her from existence. Even in tiny pieces, it's possible that Makima can come back from this. After all, there's still the contract she had with the prime minister of Japan.

Is Makima dead forever?

Immortality and Durability: For a Control Devil that exists as long as the human history to the point that they even feared Makima, she herself is an absolutely immortal being as no matter how devils or humans tried to kill or harm her, she is capable of bouncing back with her miraculously recover.

Who has Makima killed?

Makima is the first character to successfully kill two of the other three main characters, in this case, she is the one responisble for the death of Aki in Chapter 79 due to the indirect murder from Denji and Power in Chapter 81.

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Does Aki like Makima?

Aki has a crush on Makima and seems to trust her deeply, although this could possibly be of Makima's doing. Hence why Aki cannot recall his reasoning to liking her. Makima has an utter disregard for Aki's feelings, and was not interested in him beyond his use as a tool.

How old is Makima?

Makima as a young woman is especially desirable for males, capturing the attention of Denji as well. She is certainly beautiful but doesn't care much about dating. Her adult form has the age of around 23, but such a thing wasn't confirmed.

Does Denji love power?

Power eventually develops strong affection for Denji, even going so far as to deny Makima's wishes and put her own life on the line to keep him safe. Power considers Denji to be her very first friend, and so values him highly.

Why is Makima so hated?

The scariest thing about Makima is that nobody knows what she wants. Her many abilities have caused her to become one of the most feared Devil hunters in the world, but the question of who should be afraid of her is far more tantalizing than what she can do.

How did Denji eat Makima?

Several feet behind Makima, Denji slowly stands up from amongst a pile of corpses, donning an oversized Public Safety uniform. He walks over to Makima, and as she notices him, takes out a chainsaw and slices her down the chest.

Why did Makima killed power?

After making his wish to Makima, Denji explains that he killed Aki because people were going to die if he didn't stop his out of control friend. At the time, he thought that was the only option but now believes if he were smarter, then there may have been a better solution wherein Aki didn't have to die.

Is Makima in love with Denji?

Despite discovering her plot, her identity as the Control Devil, and the fact that he meant nothing to her, Denji would still continue to love Makima. To him, although she had betrayed him and had brutally slaughtered his closest friends, she had been one of the few people in his life to show him affection.

Is Himeno dead?

Himeno's entire body vanishes, leaving only her clothes behind. In her final moments she uses the Ghost Devil's arm to pull Denji's chainsaw cord, regenerating him and allowing him to fight in her place.

Does Aki like Masamune?

It is now believed that Aki does have feelings for the current Masamune after asking her 'old' and 'new' self about liking him in reality. She tells Neko this, crying as she thinks of her love be one sided as hers. Aki also went as far to say her feelings for Masamune are greater compared to Neko's.

Did Aki loved Himeno?

Himeno cares deeply for Aki, whom she trained as a new recruit and has a close personal bond with. In fact, Himeno considered the side effects of Aki using his sword bad enough that it would be worth sacrificing Denji to prevent.

Did Masamune end up with Aki?

Masamune is convinced repairing their relationship will not work, but Aki blushed and says "It's not completely hopeless." She finally asked Makabe to kiss her properly, ending the series with Aki and Makabe together.

What is Makimas height?


Armaments Armor, Swords, Dagger, Mace
Gender Male
Height 186cm
Weight 75kg

Is Denji a fiend?

As Fiends, they aren't able to make contracts with humans or Devils. Of all the Fiends introduced in the series, it's Power who makes it to the top of most fan's lists. Denji is the standout example of a Devil Hybrid and informs most of our understanding of the rare fusion.

Is the Angel Devil a boy?

Angel is a younger androgynous male seen to be wearing the Public Safety suit. He has pink shoulder-length hair, with a halo floating above it and white wings on his upper back.

Who is Makima shipped with?

GojoKima is the het ship between Satoru Gojo and Makima from the Jujutsu Kaisen and Chainsaw Man fandoms.

Who is Denji shipped with?

Tropes. DenMaki is the het ship between Denji and Makima from the Chainsaw Man fandom.

Is Denji stronger than Makima?

1. Denji. Denji is the main protagonist of the Chainsaw Man series and is the strongest out of all these characters, even Makima. Denji possesses the Devil that even can erase any Devil it eats from existence (Chapter 84).

How did Makima beat the darkness devil?

During her trip to hell, Makima then fights with the Darkness Devil as she manages to overpower him with just pointing her finger which wounded the devil itself despite Makima's right arm was contorted in exchange.

Why is everyone after Denji?

Everyone wants the heart within Denji because Pochita (The Chainsaw Devil) possesses the ability to erase other devils from existence. Many of humanity's darkest moments have already been erased by the Chainsaw Devil, and Makima wants to control this power to steer human history into her own direction.

Is nayuta a Makima?

What Chainsaw Man makes crystal clear is that, while Nayuta might be similar to Makima -- perhaps too similar -- she is not Makima. She's a reincarnation, not a reproduction, and she will never be the same person as Makima was. One of the highlights of Chainsaw Man is the relationship between Power and Denji.

Why did Makima want Pochita?

Control Devil arc

Makima then reveals that she wanted to bring Pochita back since the very beginning, however she was unable to do so because Pochita had to stay as Denji's heart due to the contract between them. Left with no other choice, she planned a way to break Denji's contract.

Can Denji cook?

Denji finally learned how to cook and first proper thing he eats is his older sister figure he had a crush on. With Makima reborn as Nayuta it's a fresh start for Denji.

What chapter does Makima fight Denji?

Makima stands about Denji seemingly victorious as Chapter 95 comes to an end, but if the series' past is any indication, no character has truly died until it has been explicitly stated in the dialogue itself.

Is Chainsaw Man ending soon?

That is why it has been announced Chainsaw Man will end next week, but its final issue will come loaded with a special announcement. After lots of rumors on the topic, Chainsaw Man confirmed the worst when it was announced today it is ending. The manga will debut its final chapter on December 14 after a successful run.

Are Denji and power siblings?

Makima even describes Power and Denji as being like siblings and, because Chainsaw Man is less skeezy than other manga with similar relationships, that means that assessment is explicitly meant to nod to an absence of sexual tension between them.

Will there be a Chainsaw Man get an anime?

Chainsaw Man, the very popular manga series is on the table for an anime adaptation. The supernatural horror anime is ready to hit your screen in 2021. As usual, fans are excited and can't wait anymore! Tatsuki Fujimoto is the writer and illustrator of this action-horror supernatural TV anime.

Is Denji a devilman?

Chainsaw Man has come in after these, and taken cues from the shonen classic Devilman in its protagonist Denji, a young man who is paying his father's debts to the yakuza through selling his organs and killing devils with the help of his chainsaw-dog Pochita.

Who died in chainsaw man?

Aki's death alone would be sad, but when combined with the fact that he was betrayed by Makima and overtaken by the Gun Devil, the one responsible for the deaths of his mother, father and brother, it tugs even more at the heartstrings.

Who is the main villain in Chainsaw Man?

Makima has long been one of the most feared characters in the series, but it's Chainsaw Man who's known as "the Devil that Devils fear most." The more a Devil is feared, the more powerful they are, so it's only natural that if someone where to aim to become the strongest, then they would need to garner the most fear.

What is Makima power?

Makima has shown to control any being who she believes is inferior to her, even being able to force them into making contracts with her or another devil. This ability works on humans, animals, devils, fiends and hybrids. She can channel the power of her victims by summoning them through a chain connected to her body.

How strong is Denji?

Even without transforming him, Denji is a capable armed and unarmed fighter. Against the leech devil, who was many times the size and weight of him, he was able to easily block his blows, while he threw punches and headbutts with enough force to damage her.

Does it hurt Denji to transform?

As the Chainsaw Devil, Denji can survive almost any damage which does not destroy his heart although particularly strong attacks will still incapacitate him or cause him to run out of blood which ends the transformation or causes him to faint.

Will Masamune get a Season 2?

No official announcement has yet been made for the release of Masamune Kun No Revenge Season 2. But according to some sources on the internet, it has been confirmed for season 2. And since season 1 only adapted six manga volumes, and more manga volumes are to be adapted, the chances for season 2 increase there.

Who is Masamune girlfriend?

Masamune Makabe was a chubby boy who had a close relationship with Aki Adagaki, a beautiful wealthy girl, until one day she cruelly rejected him and gave him the nickname "Pig's Foot".

Who does Neko Fujinomiya end up with?

Suzuko Mimori (Neko's voice actress) is currently married to Kazuchika Okada, the current IWGP champion.

Does Himeno sleep with Aki?

But speaking of Aki and Himeno, the manga never showed them laying together on the bed. Only Denji had the privilege to do so after the bar outing in Chapter 21.

Why does Aki eat so much?

Aki has a habit of eating too much. This is due to her hypoglycemia, which is a condition when there are low levels of glucose or sugar in a person's bloodstream.

Does Masamune like Yoshino?

As the story progresses, it is revealed that Yoshino actually has had a crush on Masamune, however, Masamune turns her down because of his feelings for Aki.

Why did Masamune get hives?

So I've just finished reading the manga, and the reason I think Masamune had the hives is because he was extremely stressed because like Fujinomiya mentioned, he had no reason to carry on because it was all a big misunderstanding, and his feelings for Aki was somewhat superficial (before they broke up) and after he

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