Is Michael JJ’s Real Son?

Is Michael JJ real son on Criminal Minds?

Mekhai Andersen, the child actor who portrays Henry in "100" and onward, is actually the real-life son of A.J. Cook, the actress who plays JJ. Henry's birthday was confirmed to be November 12, 2008 ("Memoriam", "200").

Who is JJ's second son?

Michael LaMontagne is the second son of NPD Detective William LaMontagne, Jr. and SSA Jennifer Jareau, and a recurring character on Criminal Minds.

When was JJ's second son?

She recently welcomed her second child.

A.J., her husband Nathan, and seven-year-old Mekhai welcomed baby boy Phoneix Sky Andersen on Thursday, July 23, 2015—the day after her birthday!

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What happened to JJ's husband and son on Criminal Minds?

According to CBS, Will once had bombs attached to him and left for dead by unsubs in an episode of Criminal Minds. It's a shocking turn of events, and it's a memorable moment in the two-part finale of season 7. Hostages start being killed, and Oliver also dies from his gunshot wound.

Are JJ and Will married in real life?

Was JJ really pregnant?

really pregnant on 'Criminal Minds'? Yes, J.J. was really pregnant on Criminal Minds. Specifically, the actress who played J.J. (whose character's full name is Jennifer Jareau), A.J. Cook was the one who was really pregnant during filming. And a few weeks later, actress A.J. announced that J.J.

What does Nathan Andersen do?

Nathan Andersen

What episode does JJ tell the team she's pregnant again?

“Lo-Fi” (Season 3, Episode 20)

When Will flew to New York because he was worried about the case the team was working, JJ revealed to the team that she was pregnant.

Does AJ Cook have a son?

Is JJ pregnant in Season 11?

A.J. Cook revealed herself to be pregnant, and it was later revealed in the tenth-season finale that her character Jennifer "JJ" Jareau was also pregnant. On February 10, 2016, it was announced that Paget Brewster would return as Emily Prentiss for one episode later in season 11 episode 19, titled "Tribute".

What is JJ and Cruz relationship?

In episode "200", the nature of JJ and Cruz's relationship was revealed: they worked together in Afghanistan in an operation to capture Osama bin Laden, which was code-named "Classified". When Askari tries to kill her, Cruz states that he will not reveal his own codes, as two codes are needed for access to Integrity.

Why did JJ and Prentiss leave Criminal Minds?

The studio was looking to reduce costs, so it let go of both Cook and fellow co-star Paget Brewster, who played the only other women field agent on the show. While Brewster stayed on for most of Season 6, Cook was given two episodes to wrap up her storyline.

Why did Prentiss leave Criminal Minds?

After being refused the provision to audition for a pilot season, and with the final year up on her contract, Brewster decided to quit Criminal Minds with the Season 7 finale. Onscreen, Prentiss was offered a position with Interpol in London, making her departure from the BAU official.

Did Penelope and Derek date in real life?

In the series, Penelope has an ongoing flirty relationship with Shemar Moore's character Derek Morgan, but in real life she is, in her own words, "super queer," (via The Advocate). Vangsness was with a woman named Melanie Goldstein for seven years but is now engaged to actor Keith Hanson.

Are Morgan and Garcia friends in real life?

They have, however, never left their relationship to anyone's imagination and have maintained that they are friends. But even knowing that Garcia and Morgans are BFFs in real life, is a big win for Criminal Minds' fans.

Did Shemar Moore get married?

The actor and model has made women swoon for decades on both the big and small screen, but he is not married and has never been married. The star has been linked to quite a few famous women over the years, however, including Anabelle Acosta, Halle Berry, and Toni Braxton.

Does JJ have a niece?

Reid and Garcia are the godparents of her son, Henry. Curiously enough, in "The Boogeyman," it was said JJ has a niece who was eight years old at the time of the episode, indicating she has at least one other sibling.

Who did JJ know that committed suicide?

Answer: Rosaline

Throughout the seasons, JJ revealed more and more about her sister's tragic death. In Season 10's "If The Shoe Fits," JJ—prompted by her mother's visit—sits down with Henry to tell him about Rosaline, who tragically committed suicide when JJ was 11 years old.

How many siblings does JJ have criminal minds?

Jennifer Jareau
Family Sandy Jareau (mother) Rosaline (Roslyn) Jareau (sister, deceased) Unnamed sibling Unnamed niece Unnamed aunt William LaMontagne Jr (Husband)
Children Henry LaMontagne (eldest son) Michael LaMontagne (younger son)
Seasons 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15

Is AJ Cook son in Criminal Minds?

Is JJ husband on Criminal Minds?

William "Will" LaMontagne, Jr. is a recurring character on Criminal Minds. He is currently married to SSA Jennifer Jareau.

Do JJ and Reid end up together?

An attempt at setting the two up was made, but ultimately, romance never blossomed. Cut to the finale episode of season 14. While they are being held at gunpoint by an unknown subject (unsub), JJ makes a startling confession to Reid: "I've always loved you.

Does AJ Cook have a child?

Does Emily Prentiss leave?

In the season seven finale, Prentiss receives an offer to run Interpol's London office. While still pondering her decision on the offer, Prentiss decides to leave the BAU.

Who is Mateo Cruz JJ?

Unbeknownst to the rest of the team, JJ (A.J. Cook) has a history with newly instated section chief Mateo "Matt" Cruz (Esai Morales), with whom she worked at the State Department during her year away from the BAU.

Who covers JJS maternity leave?

On Criminal Minds

Todd was formerly assigned to the Counter-Terrorism Division, and had joined the BAU team as a temporary replacement for JJ while she was on maternity leave.

How long does Jordan stay on Criminal Minds?

Jordan Todd first joined "Criminal Minds" in Season 4's fifth episode, "Catching Out," and remained with the team until the season's 13th episode.

Who dies in season 6 of Criminal Minds?

Fans were devastated when it appeared Agent Emily Prentiss (Paget Brewster) died, but it turned out she faked her death in order to protect the squad. However, only one member of the BAU squad was ever killed on "Criminal Minds." Who was this ill-fated character?

Is Paget Brewster married?

Paget Brewster

Who is actress AJ Cook married to?

A. J. Cook

Is Kirsten Vangsness married?

In November 2015, it was reported that Vangsness became engaged to actor and writer Keith Hanson.

What episode does JJ's husband get shot?

"200" is the fourteenth episode of the ninth season of the American police procedural crime drama television series Criminal Minds, and is the 200th episode overall, which aired on CBS on February 5, 2014.

Did Matthew Gray Gubler get married?

Even though he isn't actually married, we can still go through the what-ifs and could-have-beens of his past relationships. Be warned: Gubler seems to do a good job of keeping his relationships private, even with all of the internet digging. In 2004, Gubler dated model Charlotte Kemp Muhl for a little over a year.

Why does Hotch leave the BAU?

In episode 12.6 titled "Elliott's Pond" it is revealed that Hotchner is leaving his post as longtime head of the BAU after discovering that serial killer Peter Lewis (Bodhi Elfman) is stalking Jack. Hotchner decides to enter the Witness Protection Program with his son to keep him safe.

Does Shemar Moore have kids?

The Young and the Restless alum doesn't have any children… yet. "Eventually, I want to find that beautiful, wonderful partner in crime… I want to have kids," Shemar said in 2017 while responding to a question about his relationship status.

Did JJ have a second baby in real life?

A.J. Cook has babies on the brain: Her son is here! The Criminal Minds star welcomed her second child with husband Nathan Andersen on Thursday, July 23, her rep confirms to PEOPLE. Born at 5:49 a.m., son Phoenix Sky Andersen weighed 7 lbs., 6 oz., and measured 20.5 inches.

Does JJ have a kid?

What episode does JJ announce her second pregnancy?

JJ discovers that she is pregnant in the episode "The Crossing" with her partner Will's child. This pregnancy eventually leads to her temporarily leaving the BAU on a maternity leave during the following season.

Did Spencer Reid get Cat Adams pregnant?

However, Reid proclaims that he wishes he fathered the child, because he and Cat deserve each other, and that was the real secret.

What happened to Cruz on Criminal Minds?

As documented on the "Criminal Minds" Fandom site, Agent Hotchner mentions in the Season 10 premiere that Mateo Cruz is overseas on assignment, which we see later in the season for the back-door pilot for "Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders," and one episode of the spin-off itself.

Who replaces Strauss?

Mateo Cruz (Esai Morales; seasons 9–10) takes over from the late Erin Strauss as the new BAU section chief in season 9. He has a past working relationship with JJ. It was revealed in "200" that the two had worked on a task force together in the Middle East.

Who killed Strauss?

SES Erin Strauss was the BAU Section Chief, the direct superior to SSA Aaron Hotchner. Her job lay in administration, and she had little actual field experience. She appeared in Criminal Minds as a recurring character until Season Eight, where she was murdered by "The Replicator".

What happened to JJ's sister on Criminal Minds?

She was first mentioned in the Season Five episode "Risky Business". Roslyn committed suicide by slashing her wrists with her father's razor when she was 17 and JJ was 11, after being depressed and having a relationship with Ethan Howard, the school's guidance counselor.

Are JJ and Will married in real life?

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