Is Nanno A Series?

Is Nanno a real story?

If you've watched several Netflix shows, of course, you know about 'The Girl From Nowhere' from Thailand. Yes, this series tells of a mysterious girl named Nanno. However, according to several sources, some of the stories of 'The Girl From Nowhere' are based on true stories.

Is there Nanno Season 2?

Girl from Nowhere (Thai: เด็กใหม่; RTGS: Dek Mai; lit. New Girl) is a Thai mystery thriller anthology television series created by studio SOUR Bangkok and starring actress Chicha "Kitty" Amatayakul in the lead role.

Girl from Nowhere
Original language Thai
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 21

Why should you watch Girl from Nowhere?

A great storyline

Though some shows can get boring to watch in one sitting, Girl from Nowhere assures viewers that won't be the case. If anything, boredom would be the last thought on your mind as the show takes you on its twists and turns.

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Does Nanno like to?

Yup, Nanno actually felt *something* for TK.

Actually, she has a very, very kind heart. So, it is her strength and weakness at the same time. In Season 1, you could see that even when she felt something more to TK, she couldn't actually break her own rules and go back to him or something like that.

Is Nanno a protagonist?

In it,Nanno is our main protagonist who goes to different schools to expose people for who the really are and the Consequences that come with it.

Will Nanno come back in Season 3?

Girl from Nowhere has not been renewed for season 3 on Netflix yet, but that's not necessarily surprising. Netflix usually waits at least a month or two before announcing if a show is renewed for another season or canceled.

Is Girl From Nowhere inappropriate?

Girl from Nowhere does come close to crossing the lines of acceptability, at one point showing quite a lot of a stumbling sexual encounter between Win's preteen daughter and her equally young boyfriend. But through its use of well-placed edits and intentionally shaky camerawork, the episode never gets too explicit.

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