Is Paylocity A PEO?

What type of company is Paylocity?

Paylocity is an American company which provides cloud-based payroll and human capital management software. It has been based in Illinois since its founding in 1997.


Type Public
Industry Payroll service bureau Software as a service
Predecessor Ameripay Payroll, Ltd. (until December 2005)
Founded Illinois, U.S. (1997)

Is Paylocity public or private?

Paylocity is incorporated in Delaware. When did Paylocity go public? Paylocity went public on March 19, 2014.

Is Paylocity a payroll company?

For professionals who crave true partnership, Paylocity is the HR and online payroll provider that frees you from the tasks of today, so together, we can spend more time focused on the promise of tomorrow.

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Is paylocity global?

Paylocity Near You

We're headquartered in Schaumburg, IL, but we also have a handful of other offices we like to call home. And our largely remote workforce is sprinkled across the U.S., keeping us close to you, wherever you are.

How is paylocity different from ADP?

Whereas ADP offers several different plans based on the number of employees and features you're looking for, Paylocity doesn't have plans per se; rather you can choose from a variety of features and work with the Paylocity team to create a custom plan for your business.

Who uses paylocity?

Who uses Paylocity?

Company Lewis, Inc.
Company YourPeople, Inc.
Country United States
Revenue 100M-200M

Is paycor publicly traded?

Paycor, Inc. CINCINNATI, July 20, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Paycor HCM, Inc. (Paycor) today announced the pricing of its initial public offering of 18,500,000 shares of its common stock at a price to the public of $23.00 per share.

Is paylocity a real company?

Paylocity is a great company. The company culture is amazing and they truly care about their employees. The benefits are good and there are lots of other little perks they like to give their employees. While working from home, employees have gotten snack boxes and plenty of PCTY swag.

What makes Paylocity different?

What is Paylocity? Our all-in-one software platform gives HR pros a way to easily manage daily tasks in payroll, benefits, talent, and workforce management. But what makes us different is that our technology is backed by a culture that truly cares about our clients' success. Providers will merely sell you a product.

What do PEO's do?

The PEO processes payroll, withholds and pays payroll taxes, maintains workers' compensation coverage, provides access to employee benefit programs, offers human resources guidance, and handles HR tasks on your behalf, such as benefits administration.

Does Paylocity do global payroll?

On Sept. 1, 2021, Paylocity, a vendor of software for human capital management, announced that it had acquired global payroll provider Blue Marble Global Payroll.

What is paylocity Webpay?

Paylocity Web Pay is a web-based payroll and human resources (HR) service solution designed for small and medium-sized businesses. Web Pay is built on the most recent internet technologies, allowing for a rich feature set without compromising security.

Does paylocity offer healthcare?

Yes, we've got medical, dental, vision, life, disability and a 401(k) match.

When was Paylocity founded?


Can Paylocity do certified payroll?

Integrate with Time & Attendance, Payroll & HR to automate prevailing wage rate management, certified payroll reporting, workforce reporting, collective bargaining agreement rate management, union employer contribution reports and job cost integration for systems like Sage 300 and Viewpoint.

Is paylocity owned by ADP?

ADP, Inc. and its affiliates are not affiliated with Paylocity. ADPIA is a registered trademark of ADP, Inc.

How does paycom compare to ADP?

While Paycom is an enterprise-level solution, designed to work with larger businesses that have advanced payroll and HR needs, ADP is much more approachable for small to medium-sized businesses that want to streamline their payroll and HR processes.

Who are Paylocity competitors?

Paylocity competitors include Paycom, PrimePay, Paycor and Paychex. Paylocity ranks 1st in CEO Score on Comparably vs its competitors.

What is Paylocity onboarding?

Paylocity Onboarding is an easy and convenient way to manage employee events. It is designed for administrative and employee participant user groups. Administrative users log in to the Web Pay URL and select Onboarding. Select Navigation to learn more about navigating through Onboarding.

What solutions does Paylocity offer?

Scalable services, including HR and benefits administration

Beyond payroll, Paylocity also offers other services that can help with time tracking, hiring, onboarding, staff development, benefits administration, compensation management and performance management.

How many customers does paycor have?

Our HR solutions support nearly 2 million users across 50 states.

Is paycor a good company?

Paycor is a good company to work for. I recommend it highly for someone looking to learn the latest industry practices. Fellow employees are very sharp and fun / easy to work with.

Who is the CEO of paycor?


What is paylocity community?

Community is our integrated, mobile-friendly social collaboration tool designed to centralize accurate and timely company info while giving employees the peer collaboration and connection they crave so they can be more engaged, aware, and productive.

Where is paycor based?

Company Description: Paycor, Inc. is located in Cincinnati, OH, United States and is part of the Accounting, Tax Preparation, Bookkeeping, and Payroll Services Industry.

Is paylocity secure?

Web Application Security Paylocity has built a mature Application Security Program that aligns with the BISMM framework and promotes security champions within the developer community to instill strong secure coding practices for reducing vulnerabilities and delivering a secure web application.

Is Paychex flex safe?

Paychex systems are secure and have not been hacked or compromised. The email contains an attachment that will deliver Trickbot Malware to the victim if it's opened.

What is the difference between a PEO and ASO?

The main difference between an ASO and PEO is that there is no joint employment arrangement. An ASO does not become the co-employer of the client company's employees. With the ASO model, the client company outsources specific HR tasks and retains the liability while the ASO performs the services.

What is the difference between a staffing agency and a PEO?

Both staffing agencies and PEOs are focused on workforce HR tasks, but with a staffing agency you're outsourcing your hiring process and the associated tasks. With a PEO, you're doing the hiring on your own and only outsourcing the administrative tasks, payroll, and compliance associated with your workforce.

Does paylocity process Canadian payroll?

Paylocity offers various tools including QuickPay (to process payroll in batches), paycheck calculator, third-party direct deposit and check-creation capabilities, and Affordable Care Act compliance. Other human resource features include reporting and analytics and on boarding service.

Is UltiPro an HRIS system?

That's UltiPro® by Ultimate Software. Using a HRIS vendor such as the award-winning UltiPro simplifies even the most complex aspects of HR, so you can spend less time compiling, processing, and generating information about your people and more time working personally with your people.

Does Paylocity file 941?

Tax Filing

Paylocity is a certified IRS Reporting Agent and will e-file on your behalf: Federal Unemployment Taxes (IRS Form 940) Employer's Quarterly Federal Tax Return (IRS Form 941)

How does Paylocity on demand work?

How does payroll on-demand work? Your employees can request earned wages at any point during the pay period. The fees for the feature are paid by the employee. There is typically a low fee charged to the employee every time they make an early withdrawal.

What are the benefits of paylocity?

Which benefits does Paylocity provide?

  • Insurance, Health & Wellness. Health Insurance. 4.2★ 54 Ratings.
  • Financial & Retirement. 401K Plan. 4.5★ 54 Ratings.
  • Family & Parenting. Work From Home. 4.7★
  • Vacation & Time Off. Vacation & Paid Time Off. 4.1★
  • Perks & Discounts. Free Lunch or Snacks. 4.6★
  • Professional Support. Job Training. 3.0★
  • How do I apply for paylocity benefits?

  • Access to Online Enrollment.
  • Web Pay >> Enterprise Web Benefits.
  • Verify your Personal Information.
  • Verify your Family Information.
  • Making Benefit Elections.
  • Beneficiaries.
  • Deadline & Confirmation.
  • Does paylocity use Bswift?

    This solution provides an alternative to Paylocity's Enterprise Benefits solution, powered by bswift. Both Web Benefits and Paylocity Enterprise Benefits integrate with Web Pay seamlessly.

    Who is Paychex owned by?

    Tom Golisano, at age 17, had an epiphany that would serve the future Paychex founder well later. As a teenager, he watched a tyrannical boss verbally abuse his father.

    Who created Paylocity?


    Is Paylocity a SaaS company?

    Paylocity was founded in 1997 and went public in March 2014. Services are provided in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery model utilizing the Company's cloud-based platform. The Company derives its revenue from contracts predominantly from recurring and non-recurring service fees.

    What kind of company is paylocity?

    Paylocity is an American company which provides cloud-based payroll and human capital management software. It has been based in Illinois since its founding in 1997.


    Type Public
    Industry Payroll service bureau Software as a service
    Predecessor Ameripay Payroll, Ltd. (until December 2005)
    Founded Illinois, U.S. (1997)

    What kind of system is paylocity?

    Paylocity is a cloud-based human capital management (HCM) platform that provides human resources and payroll management tools to help businesses manage core HR functions.

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