Is String Theory Still Valid?

Is string theory still relevant?

String theory never has been relevant. It was more a matter of “we don't understand physics, so we will replace it with wild speculations, unguided by observation, mathematics and logic. It does not matter if it does not make sense, because we will simply claim that you have to be very intelligent to understand it”.

Is string theory a failure?

String theory has so far failed to live up to its promise as a way to unite gravity and quantum mechanics. At the same time, it has blossomed into one of the most useful sets of tools in science.

Will string theory ever be proven?

Physicists have yet to produce any empirical evidence for either string theory, which was invented more than 40 years ago, loop-space theory or any other unified theory. They don't even have good ideas for obtaining evidence.

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Is string theory Debunked?

No. String Theory can't be proven wrong yet because it hasn't really made any quantitative predictions about reality. In short, there are five different String Theories, all of which exist in at least 9+1 dimensions (the so-called bosonic string theories exist in 26 dimensions).

What has replaced string theory?

M-theory is a theory in physics that unifies all consistent versions of superstring theory. Edward Witten first conjectured the existence of such a theory at a string-theory conference at the University of Southern California in the spring of 1995.

Why is the string theory wrong?

An increasing number of physicists are skeptical that string theory can unite the fundamental forces of nature. And some physicists now view strings as a failed theory because it doesn't make useful predictions about the universe.

Is Michio Kaku a Nobel Prize?

An American and two Japanese physicists won the Nobel Prize in Physics for their work exploring the hidden symmetries among elementary particles that are the deepest constituents of nature. Read a Commentary in Forbes (Beauty is Truth) by Michio Kaku about the award.

What would string theory prove?

String theory suggests that matter can be broken down beyond electrons and quarks into tiny loops of vibrating strings. But although string theorists can't test the big idea, they can use this vision of the world to describe natural phenomena like black holes.

What is better than string theory?

Although it hasn't had the same media exposure, loop quantum gravity is so far the only real rival to string theory. The basic idea is that space is not continuous, as we usually think, but is instead broken up into tiny chunks 10-35 metres across. These are then connected by links to make the space we experience.

Who invented loop quantum gravity?

Martin Bojowald: physicist who developed the application of loop quantum gravity to cosmology.

Who did Michio Kaku marry?

What is a quantum string?

String theory describes how these strings propagate through space and interact with each other. In string theory, one of the many vibrational states of the string corresponds to the graviton, a quantum mechanical particle that carries gravitational force. Thus string theory is a theory of quantum gravity.

What was Stephen Hawking's theory?

In his thesis, Hawking showed that the Steady State theory is mathematically self-contradictory. He argued instead that the universe began as an infinitely small, infinitely dense point called a singularity. Today, Hawking's description is almost universally accepted among scientists.

What is Stephen Hawking's equation?

Can quantum mechanics be wrong?

Question 1: Are the equations of quantum mechanics wrong? The answer to this is a qualified, No. The equations of quantum mechanics work with extremely high accuracy to predict the results of experiments with atomic and subatomic particles.

Is string theory the theory of everything?

String theory is one of the proposed methods for producing a theory of everything, a model that describes all known particles and forces and that would supersede the Standard Model of physics, which can explain everything except gravity. Many scientists believe in string theory because of its mathematical beauty.

What is the leading theory of everything?

LQG or loop quantum gravity is currently one of string theory's biggest contesters for the title of "theory of everything". The general idea for loop quantum gravity is that space is not continuous but is broken up into tiny chunks or quantas: gravitational fields about 10^-35 meters across.

Who invented M-theory?

Then, in 1995, the physicist Edward Witten discovered the mother of all string theories. He found various indications that the perturbative string theories fit together into a coherent nonperturbative theory, which he dubbed M-theory.

What particles blink in and out of existence?

According to quantum mechanics, a vacuum isn't empty at all. It's actually filled with quantum energy and particles that blink in and out of existence for a fleeting moment - strange signals that are known as quantum fluctuations.

How widely accepted is string theory?

Although the theory has been in development for nearly 40 years, it is still not a universally accepted physical paradigm. Supporters of the theory allege that it has brought physics closer to finding a single theory of everything, and that the string paradigm will eventually prove itself to be the correct one.

Why is loop quantum gravity wrong?

In gravity the loops themselves are not in space because there is no space. The loops are space because they are the quantum excitations of the gravitational field, which is the physical space. It therefore makes no sense to think of a loop being displaced by a small amount in space.

Is time on a loop?

Time is not exactly a loop, but yes each moment that occurs always exists. The reason it's not a loop is that this notation suggests causal and temporal structure outside temporality - that some parts of time happen before others, and some after, such that the whole thing repeats itself.

How do we know dark energy exists?

While ground-based studies had measured this accelerating period, Hubble's observation of 1997ff stretched back to the decelerating part of the expansion. This shift between two different eras of the universe — a change from a decelerating universe to an accelerating universe — showed that dark energy exists.

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