Is TEFL Legit?

How good is TEFL course?

Developing Essential Skills and Values

So, TEFL or TESOL accredited course is definitely worth doing, as it provides you the chance to earn and fund your travelling expenses overseas. TEFL certificate is also the success key to qualify yourself for better and lucrative jobs in international schools and universities.

Is TEFL UK legit?

TEFL UK is an excellent way to develop and enhance teaching skills. There is lot of information about teaching techniques and extra resources. The course is very straightforward, easy to use and handle. Receiving the qualification straight after finishing the course is also amazing.

How long does it take to complete a 300 hour TEFL course?

You'll have 175 days (roughly 25 weeks) to complete the course in full, including an assessment at the end of each section, so when you do reach the finish line you'll be totally ready to put all your teaching skills into practice.

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