Is Tower Of God Complete?

How many sales does Tower of God have?

It is the first story in the "Talse Uzer" universe. As of February 2020, Tower of God has collected 4.5 billion views worldwide. Tower of God was one of the first webtoons to receive official English translations by WEBTOON in July 2014.

Volume list.

No. Korean release date Korean ISBN
8 July 14, 2021 979-1-19-015394-2

What are Bam's powers?

This section is about the Baam's power and ability of Instant Replication. Baam can copy the opponents' techniques, regardless it's ranker-level or regular-level, simply by seeing it once or taken direct contact to his body. Quant punched baam to teach him fast skip.

What program does Siu use?

SalukiTech Software | SalukiTech | SIU

This software is generally available for distribution to full-time faculty and staff at no cost or for reduced rates.

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What happened to Baam?

Baam's "death" was reported to the group by Rachel, a story that all but confirmed when searches proved fruitless. After the group that was guiding Rachel up the Tower had left, he was found alive at the bottom of the depths by Hwa Ryun and was convinced to climb The Tower with her.

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