Is Word Or PowerPoint Better For Flowcharts?

How do you make a flowchart look professional?

  • Size Matters. A flowchart is most useful when it fits on one page (or screen).
  • Be Consistent. A flowchart will look more professional if you use consistently sized and spaced shapes.
  • Color Control.
  • Get Hyper.
  • Stand Out.
  • Take it Off.
  • Be Illustrative.
  • Feedback Loops.
  • Can a flowchart have multiple starts?

    Each flowchart must have one starting point. It can have multiple ending points, but only one starting point. The same terminal shape is used for the start and end. Some companies use an oval instead of a terminal shape.

    Can lines cross in a flowchart?

    When lines cross, some flowcharting tools automatically add a little crossover bump to denote that one connector arrow is jumping over the other, but other tools, such as the built-in flowcharting tools in Microsoft Office, do not add the crossover bump.

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