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Will MS Money work on Windows 10?

Microsoft Money is discontinued personal finance software from Microsoft. Even though the application is discontinued, it still works on Windows 10. The software works on Windows 10, but sadly, certain features are unavailable.

Is MS Word An accounting software?

Microsoft Office Accounting Express was the freeware version of Accounting, made available for download and also being distributed in certain editions of Microsoft Office 2007, including Professional, Small Business and Ultimate editions.

Is QuickBooks easier than Excel?

This is a recent answer from that explains Excel demands the user to check formulas, yet QuickBooks is easier to use because it automatically generates reports.

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Is Ynab better than Mint?

Although the apps are similar, Mint is free and better for those who want automated budgeting options, whereas YNAB works best for users who want to take a more active role in their finances and are willing to pay for the service.

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